While a theme is not necessary when planning your wedding, it’s a good place to start for ideas and inspirations for your style and colour schemes. There’s also the option of having a themed wedding that focuses on a particular shared interest of you and your significant, perhaps fantasy and magic, victorian and vintage, or even an elegant and mature Disney theme?

A classic and modern Harry Potter themed wedding

Themes can be so subtle at weddings that they’re barely there at all. Themes based on colour can be just that: your colour schemes. Think about the theme you're going for when choosing your colours, as well as when you're having your wedding.

A camping themed wedding with a tricked out van

You can also opt for a floral theme with decorations and centrepieces including bouquets of flowers and herbs. A floral-themed wedding would be ideal for spring or summer. There are plenty of ways to add flowers to your wedding that don't include actual flowers too.

A New Mexico wedding with a colourful twist

As we've said, a themed wedding doesn’t mean everything has to be one specific design turned up to 100, it can simply be a wedding with certain elements of vintage, rustic, ombre or anything you like. Once there are accents of your theme consistently running throughout your wedding, you've accomplished the perfect theme. Adding subtle details to your stationery, your décor and your wedding cake might be enough to showcase your theme to your guests.

A cake for a Christmas themed wedding

Of course, just like themed birthday parties or costume parties, some couples may opt to go the whole way for a fully-fledged concept, often of great significance to the couple’s relationship. Luckily, there’s been plenty of themed weddings to take inspiration from no matter what you want, from music and films to rockabilly and retro-themed weddings, the possibilities are endless. Even with a more distinctive theme, every couple has the opportunity to go as subtle or as wild as they want.



- Jenny Darmody