In case you've been hiding under a rock, engagement season has begun! And if you haven't already noticed the influx of Instaperfect pictures declaring 'I said Yes!' and 'He put a ring on it!', then you are about to! Sure, celebrating your friends pending nuptials is all fun and games until you get asked the other question, and you're faced with the prospect of being a bridesmaid. Once the reality sinks in, you'll realise that standing beside the bride on her special day is akin to slavery. Yep, being a chosen one is not all sunshine and Spanx. If you have been graced with the task of being front and centre at your BFFs big day, then odds are you'll have to undertake one of the following bridesmaid jobs. We've ranked these bridesmaids tasks from 5 to 1, so sit back and enjoy!

5. Ceremony Reader

If you've received the prestigious role of ceremony reader, then I am making a bet that you're the one who lucked out in some other way. Perhaps you're the bridesmaid with the worst fitting dress, or you've been charged with looking after the children's table, or even worse, you never made the cut to be a bridesmaid at all. That's right folks; this role may not even go to a bridesmaid! The horror!

Ok, enough about why you got it, so what makes this one of the worst bridesmaid jobs? You'd think basking in a few minutes of anxiety-riddled glory would be the best way to start a wedding, but sadly no. The readings are generally rubbish, and if you make a mistake, your downfall may be immortalised in the pending speeches. Forevermore you'll be known as the one who ruined the big day. I speak from experience, so heed my words and Godspeed!

4. Mind the Animals/Single Groomsman

You're so single your plus one is the family pet (substitute for the single groomsman as appropriate - these two are interchangeable), or at least that is how you feel when you're awarded this particular bridesmaid job. Sure, you love pets (single groomsmen?), but this job requires you to walk, feed and monitor for bad behaviour for the whole damn day! Start drinking now; you're going to need it.

3. Crisis Manager

At some point, someone is going to take on the highly demanding role of crisis manager. Generally, they will be the cool, calm and collected one of the group and come equipped with impressive people management skills. Should there be a falling out between parties, they will be on hand to arrange a FaceTime, at a suitable time for everyone of course - no favourites here, to thrash out the whole messy affair. Every bachelorette party needs a crisis manager; the day is supposed to end in joy, not blue murder.

2. Money Manager

Chances are, you're the accountant, or you work for an IT firm, but for some reason, everyone believes that you're good with money. So, whether this be true or not, your steadfast nature for not overspending will mean you're the one collecting the cash. Sure that isn't stressful at all, especially when a gaggle of girls on tour throw cash at you like your a dancer on the strip in Vegas. You're super good with money (this is your mantra - repeat it at will), so you'll know precisely who threw what, who overpaid and who still owes. Besides, you'll have a pile of change ready to go, cause who brings the exact amount with them when ATMs only give out €50s? Sure what is more enjoyable than carting around those teeny tiny change bags stuffed with 50 cents, €1, and the odd €5, €10 and €20 note? We haven't even discussed the fact that the one deemed 'most responsible' is also the one who has had to max out her credit cards booking some really fun activities for you all to enjoy. Yes, if you're money manager, then it is highly likely you'll be sending begging texts in the run-up to the hen in the hopes that attendees will start coughing up cash and you'll be able to crawl your way out of the red.

1. Maid of Honor

If you're Maid of Honour, then you've been given the top bridesmaid job, but once the glow of knowing that all other friendships pale in comparison to yours wears off, you'll be faced with the nightmare that this position entails. If you're still alive, come the big day, don't be too self-congratulatory, because that glimmer of hope will tarnish as soon as you realise you'll be tasked with fulfilling every need and want the bride has from sunrise to sunset. If she needs to pee, you'll be there holding her dress; if she wants a drink, you'll be running to get it; in fact, you'll be carting around her worldly belongings (as well as your own) because, let's face it, a handbag never did go well with a gown! As if that was it, you'll be firefighting ever other wedding day glitch as it arises. Still, you get to stand beside the number one woman herself as she says her 'I dos', and adjust her train 110 times, and what could be more special than that?