Striking wedding photos don't happen by chance, and if you want something out of the ordinary, then you'll need to do your research, invest in a few props and make sure that your other half knows when to smile and when not. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start, with plenty of images to whet your appetite. However, if you find yourself jaded with GIANT balloons, worn out rainbow confetti and terribly bored at the mere mention of sparklers, then smoke bombs might be for you. Popping up all over the place these beautiful pyrotechnics will inject colour and personality into your day, and we’re kind of obsessed…

Initially designed for Military use, these 'bombs' emit a safe and non-toxic coloured smoke that fills the air and creates ground cover.

There are, however, a few aspects of their use that you should think about before you commit to buying out the store.

1/ Discuss using smoke bombs with your photographer.

You will need to sit down with your photographer and discuss capturing images using these as a prop. There are many variables to consider, the weather being only one! Indeed, shooting photos with coloured smoke requires a specific level of skill with adjustments needing to be made to ensure your photographer has the correct lighting and shutter speed to capture the images you want. Be sound, give them the heads up!

2/ Buy more than you think you will need.

However many you think you might need, you will need more. From false starts to practice runs, don't find yourself caught short on the most important day of your life.

3/ Remember you are using a pyrotechnic!

This may seem like a silly reminder, but don't forget that you are using a pyrotechnic and that means that a certain level of caution needs to be taken. Avoid using in arid conditions, they are an explosive after all, and always use outdoors.

4/ Take note of the weather.

Make a note of the direction in which the wind is blowing; you're dealing with smoke, so you need it to blow away from you and not block your image/face.

5/ Don’t get the bomb too close to clothing.

You're dealing with coloured particles suspended in smoke, never aim this at someone, or it may stain clothing or irritate eyes. Again, make sure the smoke is blowing away from you and never light them or place them too close to the couple, or that white dress may not stay white for long!

-- Danielle Farrell