Neon signs have been popping up in interior design more and more in the last few years, it's only logical then that this trend would make its way into wedding decor! These modern, eye-catching statement pieces are not only a great way to give your wedding photos cool and artistic lighting, the versatility of the designs and the customizability means you can have something as simple as your names to an inside joke or loving motif adorning the wall of your reception!

Beck Rocchi

A neon sign doesn't have to garish! Surround it with softer lighting to offset the harshness and pull together a cohesive colour scheme with nothing but lighting.

Bear Deer Fox

Go all out with a few neon signs to give you the perfect mood lighting for your perfect day!

Anna Turner

Neon lights can be an incredible accent to complement an otherwise very dense floral display. The thin lines and stark, unnatural colour cuts through stark greens and pink like lemon juice in a sauce to give a beautiful balance.

AHR Photo

Set up a small relaxing area to meet and greet guests and have your photos taken!

Wolf & Wildflower

Neon lights make the perfect backdrop to a photo booth area, especially when complemented with geometric shapes and straight lines to complement and contrast the curvy cursive that is such a staple of the style.

Wisteria Photography

Few things make a more incredible addition to the bridal photos that cool lighting, white dresses bounce light in such an interesting way that it creates a truly spectacular effect!

The Clarkes

One of the most wonderful things about Neon lights is the versatility of the colours of lighting. Even is shades of white, from a cool blue-white to a warmer yellow-white the options are endless. This gives you the ability to have the perfect modern and sleek wedding tailored to your tastes!

Sayher Heffernan

For a more minimalistic wedding, neon lights make the perfect higher maintenance decoration to give the effect of a super statemented alter when in reality there is little to no other elements.

Olguin Photography

If you're getting a custom made neon light then why not have it say your names? That way after the wedding is done the piece is still relevant enough to add to your home decor.

Jana Williams

The world is your oyster when it comes to wedding decor, however, if you're dreaming of a modern, fun but professional wedding the I would highly suggest looking into neon wedding signs!

- Grainne