If you're a fan of all things modern when it comes to the world of weddings then the trend of dried flowers won't be new to you. Taking potpourri to a whole new level, couples are choosing to adorn their nuptials with bundles of dried ferns, autumn flowers and roses as a way to maintain a neutral colour palette whilst still having a lavish and dramatic spread.

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Not only are dried flowers a beautiful and unique way to decorate your wedding, they also tend to be a bit more practical than the fresh variety. Not only are dried flowers more environmentally friendly (Packaging for travel is substantially less complex and therefore transport to the venue has a smaller carbon footprint), it also gives you the option to pick flowers that would be otherwise very seasonal and have them at any other point in the year e.g. roses or sunflowers.

Because dried flowers have much simpler maintenance regime (Keep them in a warm dry area in a protected box to prevent being smashed or mangled) they work out to be much cheaper than fresh flowers, this leaves you extra room in the budget for bigger, more lavish displays or fresh greenery to compliment the muted colours of the blooms.

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