If you have been debating with the idea of having a gift list, but find yourself still unsure, then we're here to change your mind. We've sat down with experts at The Wedding Shop, Ireland and the UK’s most popular gift list provider, to learn the key to setting up the perfect wedding registry.

1/ Have a Plan

The first step in creating your wedding registry is to decide which company to go with. Make a list of what each offers and what costs are involved, for example, make yourself aware of any hidden charges that may not be immediately apparent; these can be a shock if you didn't know they were coming. Indeed, we live such a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle that even finding the time to curate a list can be difficult; the provider you choose should offer a service that is as stressfree and easy as possible. The Wedding Shop offers the option of either online registration or book an appointment to visit in person at our showroom on 19 Clare Street, Dublin 2. The service is entirely free, and there are absolutely no hidden fees! Once you have registered, you can start adding items to your list either in the showroom or entirely online. Indeed, once you register you will be introduced to your own personal Gift Guru, that is an experienced member of The Wedding Shop team who will be on hand to guide you through your gift list experience, answer your questions and give you some great tips on how to create a list that keeps both you and your guests happy.


2/ You Can Never Have Too Many Gifts on Your Registry

Sure, adding loads of gifts to your registry may feel a little self-indulgent, but believe us, you can never have too many gifts! You wouldn't believe how many times we've heard of guests going to a registry only to find it empty or everything left is out of their budget. Vary the items you choose from low cost to more expensive and aim for between 2-3 per guest; this gives guests plenty of options without feeling pressurised into stretching their budget. With over 400 brand partners, The Wedding Shop has an extensive range of gifts to choose from.




3/ Physical Gifts Are a Must

So, you may feel that you already have everything you need for your life and home together and be more inclined to ask for cash only, but physical gifts are a must for your list. It is important to remember that wedding gifts are a tradition because loved ones, especially those elderly relatives, want to contribute to your newly married home together. This is a heartwarming sentiment and one that should be preserved; you'll be happy you did when you are toasting your 20th wedding anniversary using the champagne glasses you received on your wedding day.




4. The Experience

For some, asking directly for a cash gift may come across as coarse, especially to older guests who are customed to giving gifts that help set up a new home for the happy couple. Avoid any misunderstandings by setting the request for a cash gift as a specific experience. Guests like to feel they are contributing to something tangible and giving them the option of buying you a champagne dinner on the first night of your honeymoon will make them feel good. With The Wedding Shop, you can add anything you want to your list. From beautiful homeware and honeymoon contributions to charity donations, once in a lifetime experiences and even home improvements and mortgage deposit funds. The options are endless and at the end of the day, how you spend the money is up to you.



5/ Let Your Guests Know

Once your gift list is live, the next step is to notify your guests. The Wedding Shop supply lovely notifications cards which you can send out with your invitations so that your guests know where to find your list. You can also share your own personal URL with your guests on your electronic invites or your wedding website. Give guests plenty of time to purchase a gift both pre and post-wedding; it advised that couples open their list and inform their guests as soon as possible and keep the list open for at least three months after the big day. While most manage to purchase a gift before the nuptials, others are slower and keeping the list open will give them an opportunity after the event.

6/ Choose When You Want Your Gifts to Arrive

Receiving gifts in the post is a fantastic experience, and getting them day after day is incredible, but while it is like Christmas Day every day have you thought about the practicalities involved? Gifts sitting in the Post Office or courier depo or worse still left outside your house is not ideal, especially when you factor in all that time you won't be home in the run-up to and after your wedding. The Wedding Shop offer controlled shipping of your gifts meaning that once you’ve got your final selection, you can have everything delivered to your home in Ireland or the UK completely free of charge and at a time that is convenient for you. Also, The Wedding Shop will store your gifts for up to 6 months, also free of charge.

The Wedding Shop The Wedding Shop

7/ Virtual Exchange

The Wedding Shop offers the flexibility of virtual exchange, which means you can swap gifts for other products on The Wedding Shop website before you finalise your gift selection. For example, you can change the colour of your Le Creuset casserole dish or add in a few extra gin glasses instead of that vase that you’ve changed your mind about. This gives couples total control and flexibility, allowing even the most indecisive to confidently put a list together without any regret. And if it turns out that you are lusting after some towels you initially didn't consider then with The Wedding Shop, you can have them.

8/ Always Say Thank You!

The Wedding Shop’s Thank You Cards Manager is a quick and easy way to keep track of what each guest has gifted you. This is super useful when it comes to writing your thank you notes once you’ve received all your gifts.


9/ Lastly, Enjoy Your Gifts!

Don’t forget that all couples receive a 10% lifetime discount with The Wedding Shop and a 10% discount on Amara for two years post your wedding date.

The Wedding Shop Showroom The Wedding Shop Showroom

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Voted Best Gift List Service, The Wedding Shop’s personal service is a lovely experience for couples to share. It’s an enjoyable part of the wedding planning process that’s sure to be fun for the both of you. It’s essentially a shopping spree of a lifetime where you can choose your dream gifts together without spending a penny! Visit their showroom on 19 Clare Street, Dublin 2 and be prepared to be blown away with their vast range of products. From personalised neon-lights to GPS tracking luggage, your gift list can be anything that you want it to be with The Wedding Shop.