As all brides-to-be know, wedding preparation takes up so much of your time; from the guest list to the writing of the vows, not to mention the thank yous post-wedding day, but that’s no reason to neglect the honeymoon. So here are some useful tips to keep in mind for the perfect honeymoon experience.


First things first, how far do you wish to travel? This decision really depends on how much time you’ve allocated from work. The idea of lounging on a sunbed and catching some rays for six months out of the year with your newly married partner is appealing, yet not realistic for most couples. Bear in mind how many hours it will take you to travel, how many places you wish to visit and it’s important to factor in the dreaded jetlag.

Bring The Children

Ideally, your honeymoon is totally and completely about you, your partner and some alone time, but sometimes, this ideology is not possible with young children. Carry out some research on your accommodation for possible babysitting facilities or consider flying a family member out for the week as a live-in minder for the children. This way, your children can experience the wedding/honeymoon experience alongside you, and you still fit in some much needed one-to-one time as newlyweds.


The tradition of your wedding guests waving you off into the sunset as the band prepares to blast out the national anthem, doesn’t happen that often anymore. Realistically, you will spend a day or two post-wedding, recuperating from the exhaustion of all the wedding prep, and entertaining relatives who have travelled for the event. If you don’t like the idea of spending the day or two at home after the wedding before setting off on your honeymoon, why not book into a hotel to continue on the celebrations or suggest this as a wedding present to some of your guests.


Monsoon, hurricane season and national holidays should be at the forefront of your mind when planning your honeymoon. Bear in mind the type of season you will be travelling to so you can be fully prepared, come rain, shine, or mudslide, so there are no nasty little surprises to ruin your break away.


Who said you have to stick to just the one destination for your honeymoon? If you’re lucky enough to have the time and finances, why not take in some more sights along the way to your final destination and make some unforgettable memories as Mr and Mrs.


- Michelle Storey