After all the planning and of course, the wedding itself, you still have something to look forward to, aside from being married to the love of your life of course, and that is the honeymoon. But while you might expect endless nights of action, perfect weather and total relaxed bliss, there are some things about your honeymoon that you may not expect.


Deciding where to go is not easy

Much like the details of the wedding itself, you will probably have to compromise with your fiancé about where you want to go. You might both have very different ideas about what your honeymoon should be like and where it should be. The good thing is you've probably gone on enough holidays together to know to have an idea of what you both might want. If you really can't decide where to go, consider a mixed holiday of different destinations.


You may forget to plan it

In all the stress of planning the wedding, you may forget to actually plan a honeymoon! Most couples get sucked into a wedding bubble, where everything that is happening after the wedding day can be put on the backburner, but in reality, your honeymoon needs to be planned well in advance too. It's also worth making sure all your travel affairs are in order with plenty of time to go. Aside from actually booking the honeymoon, there's lots of preparation that needs to be taken into account.


You’ll be exhausted

Even if you leave a gap between your wedding and your honeymoon, you will still be worn out by the time you get there. We're built to get through stressful and busy times on adrenaline if we're lacking in energy and that adrenaline will get you through however many weeks of work you have until your break away. However, when you eventually make it to that break, your adrenaline will burn out and you'll suddenly feel like you need to sleep for a month!


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It won’t be non-stop sex

Don't worry, we're sure you'll still have plenty of action, but between the excitement, the exhaustion and just being overwhelmed, there will probably be plenty of times on your honeymoon where you just want to crash with your new hubby. Plus, even on relaxation holidays, most couples opt to do a lot more than they would on a normal holiday and there are only so many hours in the day.


Unexpected problems may occur

Remember good old Murphy's Law? Anything that can go wrong is likely to go wrong when you least want it to, which means your honeymoon might not be 100% smooth sailing. From lost baggage to hotels that go into receivership, it's all happened at one time or another. The best thing you can do is make sure you have travel insurance, and for everything else, such as disappointing weather or a delayed flight, learn to roll with the punches. It's still your honeymoon.


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Emotions will run high

There's a good chance you'll laugh, cry, fight and make up before you even get to your room. With all the stress of wedding planning, along with all the build-up and anticipation of being married and going on your honeymoon, your emotions will be a bit delicate, and that goes for both of you. Try to bear this in mind when you feel yourself get irrationally annoyed or upset about any of those unexpected problems we mentioned. Don't let your emotions get worked up and upset your honeymoon. Except, of course, for happiness. You're allowed to be irrationally happy!