The Peony Rose is possibly the most romantic of all flowers. With a large and luscious bloom the Peony makes the perfect bridal flower.


Peonies come in most colours except blue but you might want to check with your florist the colours they stock or check out the local market to see what they actually sell if you are planning to do your own while abroad. Most popular are the white, cream, yellow, oranges, pinks and reds.


Peony roses are available from mid June, troughout July and upto mid August. Before June and after August they may be imported, but at a cost. They are not most budget friendly of flowers but you need only a few in a small bouquet to pack a punch.


Peonies really go with every flower and because of this they make the perfect base flower for a bouquet. If mixing it up is not your thing, then you can use these magnificent blooms all by themselves.