I don't know about you, but for me, personally, music is one of the more critical elements of a good wedding. Your wedding band can make or break the ambience of your special day if the genre of music is off, the volume is poorly balanced for the space or it doesn't sound like something the bride or groom would enjoy! Think properly about the music you chose for your wedding day and I promise, you won't regret it!

The Vibe

Consider the vibe of your wedding, are you hosting a modern event, something more classic or a fun and family-friendly day? Your wedding band should represent the mood of the room that you're trying to encapsulate and help develop the right ambience to compliment your visuals. It's kind of hard to have an elegant, fairytale themed wedding if you pair it with a tribute band playing Wagon Wheel!

The Bride And Groom

What kind of music does your spouse like? Pick music and musicians that you and your significant other like as opposed to one that you think your guests will like; it's your wedding day after all so make sure your happy with what you'll be jamming out to the next few hours! Picking something unique and personal will also help give your special day the distinct feel and vibe that your loved ones would associate with your partnership.

The Venue

The size, acoustics and electric capabilities of the venue should be something you consider before putting down deposits on musicians. If you don't plan accordingly you could run the risk of overpowering guests with loud music in a small venue, not have the outlets for an amp and microphones or drown out the musicians you've paid so much money for because the space doesn't carry sound well. The venue coordinator should be able to settle any worries as they're the most likely to have experience with this exact situation.

The Budget

Live music is expensive! Entertainment can seriously eat into your wedding budget if you don't plan carefully and if it's not the main priority for you or your spouse then it's something you can cut back on without ruining your big day. If you're planning a million euro wedding then go all out with different bands, singers, string ensembles and turn your special day into a music festival, but if you're happy with simplistic entertainment then at least splash out for Spotify premium so your first dance isn't interrupted by ads!

The Guests

While you don't have to shape your wedding day around the guests, it's always nice to throw in a few details that will make your family and friends happy. If you parents and in-laws adore traditional Irish music then what's the harm in throwing in a céilí at the end of the night?

- Gráinne