The wedding guest list: It’s a document every soon-to-be-married couple spends a lot of time thinking about. With good reason. When you’re planning to celebrate your happy day, you want the most important and special people to be there, excited to witness you exchange your vows. Choose the right guests and there will be laughter, happy tears, and special memories to enjoy throughout the day. With some of those guests having to travel, as well as taking on the expense of new outfits and accommodation, you want to make sure that the day is just as memorable and enjoyable for them. Party favours can be a great option for doing that. Personalised party favours for your guests can be a fun and sweet way to say thank you to them for attending – and give them a little reminder of the day to enjoy at home. We rounded up some of our current favourites on Instagram – to suit a range of budgets and time allowances – to inspire you.


Succulent Name Tags

JJSucculents, based in Queensland, Australia, shared this cute and budget-friendly keepsake created by one of their customers. The customer bought a selection of succulent plants in mini terracotta pots and added a chalkboard name tag for each guest. Memorable and easy to do at home.


Individual Bags of Coffee

Are you and your spouse-to-be big coffee lovers? Then this idea from Pinterest might be for you. The idea is that each of you chooses a favourite coffee blend. Then, you portion them out into individual bags for your guests to take home. Not a coffee drinker? This will work with tea or sweets, too – whatever you enjoy.


Scented Candles or Reed Diffusers

A candle or a reed diffuser can be a lovely way to keep the memory of your wedding alive for your guests after they return home. Bonus points if the scent you choose incorporates flowers from the bouquet or the centrepieces. These personalised candles from The Botanical Candle Co. Ltd., based in Dorset, England, look great:

Or, you could get individual stickers printed and try this at home.


Packets of Seeds

Want party favour that will last even longer than a candle or coffee? Then consider giving your guests personalised seed packets. That way, they can watch a flower or plant continue to grow as your love does after the wedding. If you’re DIYing this, make sure to choose seeds that are suitable to be planted soon after the wedding.


Bottles of Your Favourite Tipple

Gin is the feature piece of this next Instagram post, but if you’re more of a whiskey or vodka guy or gal, or you enjoy a particular craft beer or cider, your guests might appreciate a bottle or two to take home. Add a name tag or sticker with a special message to your guests for an additional touch.


A Hangover Kit

Know your guests will take full advantage of the bottles of your favourite tipple that you’ve left out? Then consider a hangover kit. This one may be a little less romantic but your guests will definitely thank you for it! These hangover kits we found on Etsy come with aspirin, water, and mints, but you could make these to your own specifications.


Little Jars of Jam or Honey

How cute are these little jars of homemade jam? The hessian tops, floral ribbon, and lace combine to make these an attractive-looking gift for guests to take home. Lesley Anne Cake Design, the company behind the Instagram post, do say that they deliver. However, if you’re looking to do this at home, maybe opt for shop-bought and decorate them yourself to ensure food safety standards. For a twist on this idea, you could opt for small pots of local honey instead.