If you want a lavish wedding way overflowing with flowers but don’t like the idea of your decor having such a high carbon footprint then consider growing your own at home. It’s no secret that with the current lockdown we all have more time on our hands than normal; couple that with the twist of events that is the glorious summer weather we’re all experiencing then it may be the perfect time to give gardening a try! 

Pick Local Flowers

If you have a colour scheme in mind but don’t have your heart set on particular flowers then you’re in the perfect position to grow flowers that will thrive in the Irish climate. Go to your local nursery or garden centre and ask specifically about flowers that are indigenous to Ireland and that will bloom in time for your big day. Having a garden full of local flowers means you have to take less drastic and expensive steps to grown and maintain them, e.g. if you want to grow Spanish roses in your garden in Blackrock then you're probably going to have to build a greenhouse with temperature control to ensure they thrive and don't die off in the colder parts of the year.

Plan In Advance

If you want a certain bloom in your bridal bouquet then you need to do the proper research into the conditions it requires and the speed at which it blooms. Give yourself at least a year before the wedding to start planting and tending to your wedding flowers; this not only ensures that your flowers will be in full bloom come your wedding day, but it gives you time to adjust your plans if something becomes less viable closer to the big day.

Be Adventurous

You're not paying the crazy amount of money for one use bouquets and arrangements, you're setting up your garden to hopefully bloom these flowers annually (It's the perfect homage for your anniversary) so be a little adventurous with the flowers you choose! You have plenty of time to change your mind and if worse come to worst you can always buy the flowers you need from a florist, garden centre or wholesaler. If your dream bouquet is calla lilies and Spanish roses then give growing them a shot!

Be Patient

One of the most important parts of successful gardening is patience, plants take a while to grow and the entire process can be a stark learning experience for a first time gardener. Mistakes will happen, the weather can be unpredictable or circumstances can change and you may find yourself thinking of all the potential "what if's" and natural disasters that could ruin your big day plans; this certainly isn't helped by the fact that flowers take quite a long time to grow to full bloom and you can't control every element of their development. In a situation like this, the only thing you can do is be patient and enjoy the process as much as you hope to enjoy the product.