The devil is in the details when it comes to making your wedding day absolutely perfect. A recent trend that we've seen cropping up in weddings of the last year are perfectly personalised escort walls as the entrance to the reception venue as a means to guide the guest to their seat. As the name may allude, the purpose of an escort wall is to give the guest details of where they're sitting similarly to a seating plan; the difference is, however, that the guests are encouraged to take their escort as a party favour! Escorts can be something as simple as a card with an inside joke on the back to something as extravagant as a bottle of champagne. Here are some of our favourite escort walls that make a stunning impact!

The Lollypop Wall

Ashley Crawford

Clipboard Itinerary

Cassie Rosch

Something To Cool You Down

Devon Donnahoo

Geometric Display

Evangeline Lane

A Personalised Refreshment

Jana Williams Photography

Antique Motel Keys

Katherine Rose of Max & Friends

Retro Luggage Tags

Katie Pritchard

Something A Little Artsy

Emily Steffen

Why Have An Escort Wall?

Not only are they super trendy as very easy to personalise depending on the style of the couple, one of the main appeals is that if a guest last minute informs you that they won't be in attendance, it's much easier to remove one item from a wall than to completely redesign and recreate your printed seating plan. Escort cards also communicate which table the guests are sitting at. Rather than leaving them at each place setting, all of the escort cards are arranged near the entrance of the reception space, and your guests pick up the relevant card as they go in. Each escort card includes the name of the guest, and the number or name of the table they are to sit at. This leaves room for movement if the guests would feel more comfortable sitting next to a different guest.

Succulent Cupcakes

Lauren Scotti

Tantalising Tassel Wall

Lerina Winter

Minimalist Key Tags

Loie Photography

Punny Presents

Luna de Mare

Sparkling Water

Peyton Rainey Byford

Bullseye Boards!

Phil Chester

Modern Art Mirror Wall

Twin Lens Weddings

A Floral Display

Wisteria Photography


- Grainne