When it comes to your dream wedding day Irish weather might not cut it, if you're a bit of a jet setter wishing to make a splash with a unique and breathtaking wedding then consider picking a more glamorous destination.

1/ It's A Big Family Holiday

When in your life are you going to have everybody that you love together in a sunny resort or cosy skiing lodge? Take the opportunity to turn your wedding day into a wedding week and live it up in the Bahamas with your conjoined family!

2/ Start Your Honeymoon Early

If you're holding your wedding in a resort then now is the opportunity to spring for couples massages, romantic dinners together or some intimate sightseeing to start your honeymoon off early! If you get the initial plans out of the way it'll leave you with a better understanding of what you will and won't want to do when it comes to the actual honeymoon.

3/ It Can Be Shockingly Easy To Plan

Depending on where you'll be holding and hosting your big day you may have the opportunity of hiring a local wedding planner or coordinator in your venue package. This will take a huge weight off of your shoulders as you won't have to navigate planning a wedding in a potentially unfamiliar language and culture. You'd be surprised as to how easy it is to coordinate an event abroad when your venue is working actively with you to make everything perfect.

4/ It Makes The Guest List Simpler

There's no easier way to cut down on your guest list than to make the location of the wedding a bit of a pain to get to! If you throw a flight or boat journey into the mix then you'll have the perfect excuse to only invite the people you really want to as opposed to the 60 members of your extended family that you've never met but your mum wants to invite.

5/ You Have More Free Reign To Have Fun

You're already flying away from home to get hitched, this is the perfect opportunity to forgo any stuffy traditions that don't appeal to you! Wear a coloured gown, make your ceremony traditional to the culture you're visiting in, go wild with the dinner instead of the traditional salmon and lamb. Have fun with it, you're on holiday!

6/ The Perfect Photo Opportunities

Chances are, you've picked your destination because of how it looks. Take advantage of the natural beauty around you, the culture and art and the style and design of a different culture and make your photos absolutely showstopping!

7/ It's So Memorable

There are few things more memorable than a beautiful, relaxing a lavish holiday in a beautiful location with wonderful company. By having your wedding abroad you're guaranteeing that, not only will you remember this for the rest of your life, but you're setting a pretty high benchmark for any future weddings that your friends and family are going to attend!

8/ Make Every Guest Feel Like A VIP

I don't know about you, but nothing would make me feel more glamorous and fancy than tanning in the sun poolside while I sip a cocktail. A destination wedding is a wonderful way to make your guests feel like VIP's for a week (this is a great way to thank the wedding party).

9/ Settle Family Discord

If one person is from Ireland and the other is from Spain then it meeting in the middle is a great way to not only setting potential family discord, but to also introduce as many members from each family as possible. Take your loved ones on a relaxing holiday ensures that nobody feels unwelcomed or as though they're trespassing.

10/ Hand Pick Your Perfect Weather

If you've decided to celebrate your wedding outside of the country then you're in the unique position of being able to pick your perfect weather conditions for your wedding day (to an extent). If you want snow then head to a ski destination in France, Italy or Poland, if you want sun then head to Spain, Greece or Turkey. Pick your location depending on the conditions you'll be happy to spend your happy day in, the world is your limit here!


- GrĂ¡inne