SOCIAL & PERSONAL WEDDINGS brings you 10 mouth-watering cake offerings which almost look too good to eat, perfect for any wedding! Who doesn't love cake? The wedding cake is always a showstopper on the day, and for a good reason, this delicious dessert is a great representation of the aesthetic of the day and is usually pretty delicious. Big or small, elaborate or simple, putting thought into your wedding cake will not only look amazing in photos but will absolutely blow your guests away and have them clamouring for a slice!

1/ Downsizing

Anita Elliston

With micro-weddings and more intimate celebrations on the rise, this is naturally reflected in the wedding cakes we are seeing. One and two-tier cakes are having their moment as they cater to smaller guest lists, but by no means does this mean couples are compromising on the style; it’s all about how you dress it up, so embrace your creativity! 

2/ Hand-Painted

Kerry Jeanne Photography

After a disastrous year for weddings, we can expect 2021 nuptials to be detail-laden, particularly when it comes to smaller celebrations. Bakers are upping the ante with lavish hand-painted designs and edible printed patterns for wedding cake décor. Couples can work with their baker to create something unique to complement their venue or décor for the day. 

3/ Buttercream

Our Labour Of Love

Rich and delicious, buttercream is a classic choice when it comes to wedding cake frosting due to its incredibly versatile nature. Opt for sleek and smooth or add texture with ruffles, stripes or piping. 

4/ Colour Splash

Birgitta Zoutman Photography

If you’re a vibrant, outgoing couple, then this should be reflected in your cake. So forgo the typical white fondants by introducing splashes of colour for a fun, playful take on this wedding tradition. 

5/ Naked Cakes

Love Shake Photography

Simple but classic, naked cakes remain in high demand as an elegant option for summer weddings. Decorate with fresh flowers or fruit for the perfect finishing touches. 

6/ Brush Strokes

Emma Wise Photography

Inspired by the great impressionist artists, bakers are creating magnificent three-dimensional masterpieces from frosting and other sugar adornments to replicate brushstrokes for a unique cake design. Ideal for a summer garden wedding, these abstract creations are reminiscent of greats such as Monet. 

7/ Geode

Julián Ángel

Hollow rocks filled with sparkling crystals and minerals, geode cakes are inspired by the amethyst style cakes, which have been another popular option in recent years. Made from granulated sugar and rock candy, these creations and sparkly and beautiful, perfect for a wedding celebration. 

8/ Mixed Finishes

Antelope Studios

It’s fair to say that cake is not for everyone if it’s not your thing, but you still like the traditional aspect of cutting the cake, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Couples are opting for one small cake combined with their favourite sweet treat, featuring everything from brownies to doughnuts and macaroons to mini tartlets. 

9/ Square Tiered Cakes

Andre Maier Photography

Even in times BC (before Covid), single-tier square cakes were on the rise. With smaller weddings more popular, we are now seeing this trend take hold, with couples opting for more minimalist offerings in line with their day. Whether you choose one single-tiered square cake or a deconstructed array of varying shapes and flavours, this is a great option for a simple, elegant celebration. 

10/ Dessert Table

Rebecca Yale Photography

While the formal wedding cake remains popular, we are seeing lots of couples straying from the traditional aspects of the day and opting to personalise things, particularly when it comes to the dessert offering. From macaroon towers to tiers of cake pops, a styled dessert table filled with your favourite sweet treats is a guaranteed wow factor. 


- Alexandra