We can talk about Christmas, right? It is the most wonderful time of the year after all, and pair that with the magic and romance that comes with weddings and you have a Christmas miracle. There are plenty of details you can add to your Christmas wedding, from festive treats to winter warmers. However, it's important not to leave out your bridal bouquet from the Christmas theme and there are plenty of options if you're having a Christmas wedding.

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We've gathered 22 beautiful bouquets you can take inspiration from for your Christmas wedding. There's a wide spectrum you can opt for when it comes to a bouquet at this time of year, from sprigs of holly or poinsettia leaves to white roses and rustic pine cones. Depending on your colour scheme, you can opt for a full-on Christmas theme complete with pine tree leaves and holly to match your deep red festive colour scheme, or you can opt for a more subtle approach in the form of a winter white backdrop with pale, pastel colours.

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Your bridal bouquet is the easiest way to incorporate the festive mix of red and green without being tacky. The muted green foliage will give a good, subtle contrast to the red in your bouquet, whether it's a deep burgundy or a bright, cherry red. Pine cones are an easy way to give your bouquet a simple winter wedding feel, especially if you don't want to opt for a red and green bridal bouquet. Bright white and crisp ivory both look great in terms of a winter or Christmas wedding, while pine cones will break up the white.

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