When it comes to attending a wedding, there can be a lot of unspoken rules and upheld traditions about how a guest should dress. The couple can determine the style of the evening by specifying a dress code in their invitations. However, if the couple doesn’t specify any particular style they have set down for the evening, it does not mean that just anything will do. Weddings are, after all, a huge milestone in a couple's lives and a celebratory occasion – which means that the guests should dress appropriately. The last thing anyone wants on their special day is someone showing up in an inappropriate outfit that steals attention and is thought to be distasteful. A lot of thought and consideration has gone into every detail of this wedding on behalf of the couple, and it is expected of you to return the favour when it comes to your outfit. Here are a few resolute outfit choices you should steer clear of if you want to look good on their big day.


This is one of the unbroken, unspoken rules of wedding attendees. A wedding party should only have one person wearing white, which is the bride. This bride could be the most laidback, new-age bohemian girl you know and unless she insists it's okay to wear white – don’t. Her wedding day should be the day when all eyes fall on her and her pristine white gown rather than said eyes falling on you in looks of disdain. If you show up in white without a previous yes from the betrothed, almost everyone will think you are trying to steal the show. There are tasteful ways to style and wear white on this special day but steer clear of ball gowns and anything you could pick up in a bridal boutique!

Trainers Or Unbearable Heels

You should be able to feel comfortable in your shoes, yet not so comfortable that you feel like you could do an hour-long Pilates session. The aim is to wear shoes that suit your level of comfort and ability to walk yet remain flattering and classy. If you are an inspiration to women everywhere by your ability to comfortably sit, strut and dance all night in a pair of six-inch knockout heels, then don’t hold back. Wear those shoes with pride. If, however, you feel that it’ll be ok to splurge on those killer heels because it will be a wedding and there will be a lot more chair time than dance floor activities, think again. Just because it’s a special occasion does not mean that your feet will recognise that too – if you haven’t been able to comfortably sustain high heels at previous events, a wedding will be no different. Opt for a smart kitten heel or a wedge sandal, the easiest of shoes that will make you look amazing and pain-free. No matter how relaxed and blasé the bride will be, no matter how much you think it will be ok, do not wear a pair of trainers to a wedding. A small pair of foldable flats in your handbag or a chic ballet pump will do wonders for you at the end of the night – rather than slipping into a pair of lace-ups, which will make you look ready for your morning run.

Anything Too Tight Or Too Short

Here is another example of wedding day discretion. Of course, someone’s wedding is the perfect time to go all out and treat yourself to the perfect outfit you've had your eye on for some time. It’s an excuse to dress up and put your glad rags on for a fun night of dancing and drinking. However, while it is an excuse to go all out, your thoughts should always remain with the bride and her tastes whilst outfit shopping. Most times, you will know the general dress code for each wedding by knowing what the bride likes and how she herself dresses. If not, then it’s always best to ask. In this case, however, it’s never a good idea to wear a dress that’s too tight or too short for a wedding. This is a special event for everyone involved and a huge occasion in their lives. It is expected that all guests dress within the dress code and in a tasteful fashion – which means no peeking through underwear lines or thigh-high grazing hems. You don’t want to feel self-conscious all night for the sake of a nice dress or have disproving relatives murmur when you're near them. For the sake of one night, it’s always best to play it safe in these situations.


You may have found the perfect pair of jeans that have become the stuff of urban legend, a pair that supports, flatters and fits perfectly. That still won’t work as an excuse to wear them to a wedding, however. This rule reverts to the etiquette of wearing nothing too casual to this perfectly planned and anticipated event. A wedding is a time to break out the cocktail dress, jumpsuits, eye-catching co-ords and dainty accessories – not a time to throw on your favourite pair of denims that go perfectly with your dressy blazer. If you feel uncomfortable getting your legs out, then tights will be your best friend in these situations – or even a bold jumpsuit. No one looks twice at a confident girl showing up in a pretty dress over a pair of sheer tights or wearing this season's on-trend jumpsuit – everyone will look at the girl wearing jeans as if she’s on the way to do her supermarket run when the ceremony is over.

All Black

You may be tempted to break out good old reliable when it comes to an upcoming wedding, the little black dress. Not that we'd blame you, a girl’s relationship with a trusted black dress is like her relationship with Netflix - full of dependability, warmth and security. However for a wedding that isn't black tie formal, it may be a no-go. An all-black outfit almost always reminds people of mourning and death, and it will be a dull and dreary accompaniment to a wedding party. Weddings are always a colourful affair, where it’s ok to wear your brightest dress and boldest accessories. While we don’t blame you for wanting to seek confidence from your ever-flattering ensemble, you will be sure to find a perfectly glamorous and flattering, colourful dress elsewhere – without making you look like you have lost your dearly beloved.

Anything Too Loud

Like we mentioned earlier, a wedding is a time where all the attention should be on the bride and the dress that she no doubt spent months planning and agonising over. It is your job as a guest to make sure that that attention does not stray to you for all the wrong reasons. It’s one thing to graciously receive compliments about your outfit all night – another to receive raised eyebrows. No one appreciates a guest who turns up with the sole purpose of having all eyes on her. Typically, by our books, anything with too much animal print or clashing colours and prints is a bit too bold and daring for a wedding. A little discretion and understating can go a long way when it comes to the wedding party – and we're sure that the bride will appreciate a classic cocktail dress much more than a bright, bold printed ensemble.

A Ball Gown

Again, this comes down to pleasing the bride. You only get married once in your lifetime, which for most will mean a great, beautiful dress to celebrate that marriage in. It is not an open invitation for all other guests to arrive in similarly outlandish ball gowns and floor-length red carpet pieces. A sweet and dainty maxi dress is perfect for a wedding, but an organza gown with show-stopping qualities is not. An unspoken tradition amongst the wedding guests is to never upstage the bride, and that rule also applies to lavish gowns. The last thing a bride wants is to have another guest show up in a loud, over the top gown that will steal the show and have guests talking all night. The golden rule when it comes to dressing for a wedding is to always play it safe, and if you are unsure about anything – then ask the bride. She will appreciate you going to her for advice on how she would prefer the style decor much more than seeing you show up in something that might taint her day. If you steer clear from these certain wedding guest don’ts, then you should be stunning for all the right reasons at your next wedding.

- Roisin