While some of us might dream of the traditional long and flowing white dress, the princess effect can be a little overdone, and for one reason or another might not suit the day. So, if you're planning a wedding abroad, where temperatures soar much higher than we're used to here, or you dream of having your pictures taken in the famed green fields dotted across Ireland, where a nights rain can turn your lovely long dress 40 shades of green, going for a shorter style may be for you. And just because you've ditched the floor length dress doesn't mean you have to wave goodbye to other trends you've had your eye on.

Short wedding dress


Lace is still big two years after the Royal Wedding, with lace sleeves and lacy chests in demand.


You can still have a beautifully ruffled dress without a full skirt. The key with a ruffled short dress is to have scarce ruffles, so as not to overhype the dress.

Short Dress


While white is the traditional colour for your wedding dress, it’s no sin to add a little colour to your day. Looking to get a bit of colour into your dress is simple when the hem isn't skimming the floor- making it eye catching for a whole other reason.

Gold bodice


An ankle-length dress only takes a fraction of the traditional length from your dress and still lets you show off your fantastic choice of footwear. It's the perfect choice if you don't want floor-length, but still don't want to show off too much leg.

Ankle length dress


There are even plenty of short veils out there to perfectly pair with a shorter wedding dress. Even longer veils can be teamed with a short dress.


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Aoife Bennett