The bridal industry has become much more plus-size friendly in the last few years, gone are the days of going into a bridal boutique and being led to the tiny rack of shame in the back corner that only has three different styles of (rather unflattering) dresses up to a size 20. I know personally, as a curvy woman, the stress and struggles of finding the perfect dress that flatters my body from every angle without having to don two pairs of Spanx and say a decade of the rosary! We give you the rundown on the different ways you can accentuate your curves in all the right ways!

Sleek and Sexy

You have the curves, why not show them off! It may go against everything that early 2000's fashion magazines have told us but curvy girls can (and should) flaunt the body they have. At the end of the day, it's your wedding, you're spending your money on it and you're marrying somebody who loves you and the way you look!

Plus size bride in white draping dress that flows over the body ASOS CURVE BRIDAL - Soft Drape Front Maxi Dress White

Plus size bride in floor length, white, draping wrap dress that flows over the body Karen Wills Holmes - Nikki €1784.00

If your dream wedding gown is made of silk or a thin satin then reach for a dress that drapes to the body as opposed to clings to it, this reduces the need for heavy-duty Spanx as you have complete control over what areas of your body the dress accentuates with some sneaky darts and cinching.

Curvy bride in a floor length, fitted white dress with plunging neckline and tapering shoulder straps BHLDN - Jones Dress €178.11

Curvy bride in a floor length, fitted white dress with a front slit to mid thigh and sport cut neckline Grace Loves Lace - Leon €1172.87

One of the main reasons that I adore a sleek gown on a curvy bride is the lack of accessories you need to look expensive and luxurious. It doesn't necessarily have to hug every curve of your body like a vice, but a well-fitted skirt on fuller hips does more to flatter you than a tiara ever could! If you're more of a minimalistic bride then consider that a sleeker gown isn't just for the size 8 bride!

Tight Fitted and Structured

Not everybody is comfortable "letting it all hang out"; if you still want to show off your beautiful body without showing everything, then look no further than a fitted and structured dress! Whether the dress has a corset, boning or just a very thick fabric; having something extra to keep everything in its place if you (like me) are more blessed in the curve department, is a great way to feel comfortable and put together all night without having to hide your body behind sheaths of fabric.

Plus size bride in a floor length, tight fitted white dress with plunging U neckline and lace train Karen Wills Holmes - Adina €1351.89

Plus size bride in a floor length, tight fitted white dress with boat neck shoulder straps, sweetheart neckline and tapering bottom Anne Barge - Raven €4938.60

You've been blessed with curves, show them off a little! You've in the unique position of being able to fill out a high fashion deep-v-neckline the way God intended, with boobs! If you would prefer to air on the side of modest then swap the v for a boat neck and show off that decolletage!

Plus-size bride in a floor length, fitted, asymmetrical white dress with two thick straps on the right shoulder Chosen by One Day - Lyndel Gown €4223.45

Plus-size bride in a floor length, fit and flare, white dress with a small plunge in the center of the neckline and thin straps Blush by Hayley Paige - West €2835.10

With a tightly fitted gown, you have less space for dramatic embellishments before the outfit starts to look busy and a little messy, this can be solved by the structure of the dress itself being a little more on the dramatic side! Asymmetrical aspects or eyecatching material embellishments adds dimension to the dress without distracting for the body wearing it, this can also be a dynamic way of disguising the outline of shapewear or undergarments. Let the dress do the talking!

Floaty and Light

Some people may be under the impression that the only people who can rock a floaty gown are rail-thin models; unsurprisingly enough, they would be wrong! There's a general misconception that if you're a curvy bride you fall into one of the two categories, a sexy vixen or a demure and covered flower. Just because you're a little more voluptuous than others doesn't mean you have to fall into a box.

Curvy bride in floor length, off the shoulder, white, sheer lace gown with white satin under slip Grace Loves Lace - Florence Ivory €930.00

Curvy bride in floor length, silver and cold embellished wrap dress with deep V neckline, a high-low hemline and trumpet sleeves Chosen One Day - Emmer €6742.23

When you have a curvier frame it's far too easy for a dress to completely hide your body and make you look like you have the body type of Mr Blobby. A way to circumvent this is to try a dress with an opaque slip and a sheer outer layer, this gives you the etherial effect of floating lace and tulle without it looking like a maternity gown!

Plus sized bride in white and nude, floor length gown with deep v neckline, tulle layered ball gown skirt and white lace appliques heavily across the bodice and sheer sleeves and scattered across the skirt Willowby - Saros €1,449.22

Hayley Paige - Reagan €3111.93

As with most things, balance is key. If you want a tulle heavy skirt then consider a more minimal bodice. Whether that be a v neck, sheer sleeves or an open back; having an area of exposed skin will stop the dress from looking claustrophobic and from swallowing you whole! You don't necessarily have to opt for a sexy neckline; a halter neck or cold shoulders will draw attention to your neck and face without causing your conservative great-grandmother too much distress!

- Grainne