No longer the wallflower on their wedding day, the modern groom is stylish, well dressed and confident in his looks; this all starts with the perfect ensemble! We've paired with top Irish menswear fashion house Benetti Menswear to give you the comprehensive rundown of what fashion trends to expect for the 2021 groom!

Key Colours And Bold Patterns

Benetti Julius Jacket with James Suit in Navy

Play with colour for your wedding ensemble! If the idea of an understated ensemble doesn't quite tickle your fancy, then consider incorporating colours and patterns into your suit. Bold checks and mixing materials is a fresh way to add life and personality to your garment while staying true to your personal style and flair. Eye-catching patterns are a runway staple for both this year and next, with iconic fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Kenzo showcasing dramatic and interesting designs in formal and casual menswear.

Expert Advice: Should you buy a suit you can wear regularly or splash out for a statement on your big day?

"The best advice is to, first of all, buy the suit that you like. The pictures will be around for years to come, so make sure you wear a suit that makes you feel and look great. You can still be practical here, considering that most men's suits come in quite neutral colours; generally, you will always be able to wear the suit for many more occasions. Styling your suit can be so easy; a change of shirt and tie is one simple way to change up the look. Remember, getting your grooms suit is all about the experience, so fully enjoy the process and choose something extraordinary. If you feel daring, then go for it."

New Colours For 2021

Benetti Jonny 3-Piece in Grey with the Anthony Waistcoat

Grey is back in season! Truly one of the most versatile tones on the market, a well made grey suit looks beautiful with most colour schemes and is the perfect partner for some of the more popular bridal colours (White, blush and cream). Perfect for any season, playing with tones of grey from charcoal to smoke can give your wedding ensemble a dynamic look that pairs perfectly with your bride. Not to mention grey make for the perfect groomsmen ensemble, allowing for a cohesive wedding party while still giving the groom the time to shine!

Expert Advice: How do you stand out amongst the wedding party in a simple colour scheme?

“Benetti offers many combinations in their Wedding collections, so standing apart has never been so easy. Contrasting jackets and waistcoats are the most common trend, and in most instances, the groom will go for the stand out jacket with a plain waistcoat with the groomsmen arriving in the matching waistcoats and plain jacket.

You may not wear one every day, but when only the utmost formality will do, there is simply no substitute for a tuxedo. A stellar choice for many Grooms, the classic tuxedo is one style that will certainly stand the test of time. Benetti is renowned for exemplary tailoring and a refined aesthetic; our sleek collection of sharp tuxedos evidences this. Trimmed with lustrous satin, Benetti’s luxurious tuxedo's exude refined flair.

This season grooms can go for a stylish twist and choose from an array of colour options in the classic tuxedo. The new ‘Elton’ tuxedo offers both a grey and wine option and a sleek navy that will give your formal look an eclectic slant. Opting for a navy tuxedo is one option that will stand you in good stead for so many events.”

Timeless Pieces

Benetti James Tuxedo in Black

Certain styles will never go out of fashion; the classic tux has been a staple in menswear since the early 20th century. Deemed at the epitome of class, this simple silhouette and colour scheme is synonymous with old Hollywood elegance and giving the wearer a sophisticated and sexy style. Feel like 007 on your wedding day in a sleek, bespoke tuxedo! Classic design will always remain at the height of fashion. Still, with the influx of designers such as Jacquemus, Tom Ford and Burberry incorporating such a quintessential silhouette into high fashion runways, you can never really be out of trend in a tux!

Expert Advice: How do you make a classic tux feel personal?

“Benetti are a fan of the classics, so turn to it for pieces you can see yourself wearing for many years. Ideal for formal events and smart dinners, their tuxedo options are tailored from luxurious fabrics in a neat and tapered profile. Make it feel personal and style your look in a number of sophisticated ways. The beauty of the Benetti range is you can mix and match to create your favourite combination, giving you the freedom to make your complete look your own. Then, add that extra touch, and include some pin-sharp accessories and a stand out pair of shoes.”

Fit Is Key

Benetti Julius Waistcoat And Jonny Suit in Petrol

When it comes to groomswear, the fit is key! Finding the right silhouette can give you the boost in confidence you need on such a big day, and thankfully the perfect is fit is perfectly on-trend! A slim fitted suit will give you that sleek red carpet look, showing off the parts of your body that you love and showing the areas you're not too fond of in a new light. Tall or short, small or large, a well-fitting suit is one of the most flattering garments a man can wear! If you have the option to not only pick a suit off the rack that fits nicely, they consider getting it tailored! This outfit is for one of the happiest days of your life; make it special.

Expert Advice: What fit options does Benetti offer?

“The perfect cut, attention to detail and an impeccable fit come together in our selection of refined suits and tuxedos, a must for your formal occasions.

Exclusive high-performance fabrics for durable quality. Synonymous with modern luxury, Benetti’s new mix and match collection is brimming with razor-sharp cuts and premium fabrics.

The new Benetti collection embodies its fresh colours, classic styles and smart designs to suit and fit all sizes. An astute choice for all smart events, the new collection is tailored for both tapered or classic fit. The wide variety of choice is both refined and contemporary, showcasing impressive tailoring – a skill for which the brand is lauded.

The best part about the famous mix and match collections from Benetti is that you can offer sizing from as low as 1 year right up to as big as a 64R chest. Kitting out a grooms party may not always be the easiest task, so being able to offer the same styles and colour combinations to everyone in the party is one that will make your life an awful lot easier.”


Benetti Simon Suit and Waistcoat in Grey

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories! It's a cardinal rule of fashion that no ensemble is fully complete without accessories; be it jewellery, hats or belts, often you need one small detail to pull everything together into one cohesive outfit. However, if you're interested in a more standard wedding ensemble, then the accessories are where you can really have fun. Menswear has taken the turn from serious to playful in recent years, and the trend carries into items like shoes, watches, jewellery and belts for the modern groom.

Expert Advice: What advice would you give to an accessory novice?

Don't overcomplicate your choice of accessories. Most importantly, they must stay true to the style of the Wedding party and the common theme running through the event. Your wedding reflects both the bride and groom's personality, so discuss what you both have in mind. Our biggest advice is to keep it simple and classic, get the basics right. Choosing your tie/bow tie and pocket square is the best place to start; it’s not about being matchy-matchy but rather finding colours and patterns that coordinate with the ceremony. Purchase your tie, and those of your groomsmen, in advance and check with your partner to see if the colour matches her ideas.

When it comes to footwear, it is most important that you choose a pair to fit the style of suit you choose, and of course, ensure they are comfortable. It's going to be a long day, so the last thing we want are sore feet the morning of the Wedding. The day of brown shoes and brown belts with a navy three-piece has changed, although still a common look; we advise considering more contemporary yet classic styles such as navy shoes and a navy belt to coordinate with your pin sharp three-piece.

Lastly, the best choice of accessories will always be as simple as a sharp black shoe, classic bow tie, and a pair of cufflinks when it comes to a classic tuxedo. Remember, keep it simple and get the basics right! Every accessory doesn't have to stand out, but if you are feeling adventurous, you can think about pocket watches, tie bars, braces and cumberbands.

- Gráinne