Whether you’re matching your bridesmaids in identical dresses, or giving them a bit of variety, you might want to make your chief bridesmaid stand out that little bit more. She is your chief bridesmaid for a reason, after all, so what better way to make her feel extra special than with her own personal accessory or dress?

chief  bridesmaid dress

The dress

Depending on how the rest of your bridesmaids are dressed, you might decide to change the length of your chief bridesmaid dress. You could also consider getting them a different colour dress altogether, or match the colour but give them a patterned dress. Giving them a different style, length or colour dress is one of the easiest ways to make your chief bridesmaid stand out and feel special.

chief bridesmaid bouquet

The flowers

For a more subtle approach, look to your bridesmaids’ bouquets. Have you got a mix of flowers or colours? Make your chief bridesmaid carry one, dominant flower or colour to set hers apart. Better yet, if you have your own bridal bouquet, and your bridesmaids are carrying blush bouquets, give her a stronger, more vibrant shade of the same colour as the other bridesmaids to make her stand out slightly from the rest.

chief bridesmaid hair

The hair

This is a great idea particularly if your chief bridesmaid is more comfortable with a particular hairstyle. If she’d rather have her hair down, put up styles in the rest of your bridesmaids’ hair to give your chief maid a distinctive look.

chief bridesmaid shoes

The shoes

This one works particularly well if your bridesmaids are in short dresses and their shoes are on show. Giving your chief bridesmaid that extra pop of colour or contrast will make her stand out more than the others and ensure she is easily identifiable as the chief bridesmaid.

chief bridesmaid flower crown

The accessories

Give her a statement piece of jewellery, almost like a badge of honour. Alternatively, you could go back to her hair and adorn her with a floral crown to identify her. This will look particularly nice if you’re opting for a flower crown as part of your bridal look. Giving your chief bridesmaid a crown to match will bridge the gap between you and your bridesmaids.

- Jenny Darmody

Image credits: Dress: Justin DeMutiis Photography | Bouquet: Graham Terhune Photography | Shoes: Paige Newton Photography | Flower crown: Ryan Ray Photography