In the more recent year, there has been a huge resurgence in the promotion body positivity, flaunting the body mother nature gave you, and body shape inclusiveness in the mainstream fashion world. With shops online and offline flaunting inclusive size ranges, it's becoming easier for everybody to feel comfortable showcasing assets that in previous years would have been considered 'vulgar' or 'inappropriate', (Sir Mix-A-Lot really was ahead of his time with the love of big butts) and thankfully this trend is working its way over to bridal fashion.

Gone are the days of the virginal bride swaddled head to toe in lace and taffeta with a shocking peak of wrist and ankle to make the pastor faint and now is the time for bridal-baddies to take the crown! Here are some of our favourite ways to flaunt your favourite body parts with style and elegance.

Show Off Your Bum

First things first, with popular wedding dresses these days it's almost a pre-requisite to accentuate and flatter the bridal booty regardless of the aesthetic; if your rear turns heads in your everyday life then prepare to give your guests whiplash on your walk down the aisle!


There are several popular silhouettes that do wonders for your posterior but one of the most iconic is the fit and flare. Not only is does it hug in all the right places, but the flared shirt above your knees also makes sitting, dancing and running around greeting guests much easier than the mermaid counterpart! One of the biggest reasons that fit and flare is such a popular style is the added structure given by the dress to help hold you in nice and snug.

Show Off Your Legs

Long legs have always been one of fashions most favoured body parts so show them off on your big day! All the attention is going to be on you anyway, you might as well look like a supermodel!


Channel your inner Angelina Jolie and opt for a wedding dress with sky-high thigh slits and give everybody a good look at your perfect pins! One of the most wonderful elements of a gown with a substantially high slit is that it can make your already long legs look even longer.  I'll be frank here, this style of dress is pretty dependant on the weather and temperature on your big day; you may look stunning, but no amount of fake tan will cover the subtle blue tinge of frost-bitten knees so plan carefully if you want to showcase half of your body.

Show Off Your Boobs

Funnily enough, a plunging neckline is one of the less shocking design details you could opt for when it comes to your wedding dress. Boob appreciation has become so commonplace in the last few years that you would be hard-pressed to find a bridal designer that doesn't feature cleavage heavily in their collections!


The most wonderful thing about modern wedding dresses is the sheer amount of different silhouettes for each different bride. From something as subtle as a bust hugging, nightgown-esque silk

Show Off Your Stomach

If you're a bonafied beach babe with washboard abs then you might be itching to show off your midriff on your wedding day. Midirff wedding dresses have certainly become a hot trend in the last few years with various designers including several pieces in their Fashion Week 2020 collections so you should really have no issue picking a dress to suit your style perfectly!

Lela Rose

However, don't discount the option to tailor a glorious gown to include a little bit of skin around your navel! There are two options when it comes to a stomach peek-a-boo and that's opting for a two piece ensemble or a gown with cutouts or lace inserts.

Show Off Your Back

There are few things that scream elegance than an exposed back in a luxurious gown. If you've been blessed with the shoulder blades of a swimmer then give the people what the want and show off your back in a breathtaking gown!

Monique Lhullier

As with many other areas of the body there are certain styles that are perfect for showing off your back and ensuring you feel as comfortable as possible. If you're having a sunny beach wedding then opt for a loose, draped silk down with a strong fastener at your lower back so you're not accidentally showing off more that you would care! For a glamourous Hollywood wedding we would recommend a more structured and fitted style of gown that will showcase your back and elongate your figure. Also don't forget to put sunscreen on your back!

Show Off Your Decolletage

Who doesn't love a little bit of decolletage? If one of your favourite features is your neck, collarbones or shoulders; exfoliate your shoulders, brush on some highlighter and show your soft, romantic side on your wedding day!

Georges Hobeika

The style of dress is really dependant on the overall asethetic of your wedding day but one thing is for certain, collarbones have always been a staple fashion statement so you wont have an issue finding the perfect gown for your big day. From modern, heavily structured strapless, sweetheart gowns; to vintage, light and floaty bardot necks. Decolletage is a timeless asset to accentualte.


- Gráinne