If you're a fashion-conscious bride with a general disregard for all things traditional then a corset bodice gown might be the dress for you! An exciting twist on the underwear becoming outerwear trend that rose to popularity in  Spring 2020 Bridal Fashion Week; what was typically hidden in the bodice of a gown to do nothing but add structure and a little extra hold, have now become a sexy statement for your big day! So why opt for a dress like this? The long and short of it is that it's a more modern and fun take on a very traditional fashion trend, highlighted boning in a bodice design is a trend that dates all the way back to the Baroque era so not only is the trend timeless, it was also started by royalty and aristocrats!

What is a corset bodice? How is it different from a regular gown bodice that has structure? It's quite simple honestly, a corset bodice gown is a gown that openly highlights the telltale features of a corset and incorporates that into the design. So you'll see defined cups with a clear underwire, highlighted boning channels around the chest and abdomen and a relatively simplistic shoulder cover. These elements make the structure a statement as opposed to styles that hide the support garment under layers of fabric. The beauty of this style is that it's pretty versatile so regardless of your personal style so if you're drawn to the concept you'll probably be able to find the perfect dress for you!


Jolie Bridal

Because the main focus of the design is clean lines and structure, you can find some really beautiful and simplistic gowns that won't overwhelm the more demure bride. By playing around with semi-sheer lace, silk and tulle you can create a beautiful and delicate gown that won't wear the bride!


Jenny Yoo NYC

If you don't explicitly want the look of a corset but still love how romantic and breathtaking elements of it can be then it's probably in your best interest to look into a soft corset. These have all of the elements of the statement bodice but are somewhat obscured by strategic draping of soft sheer fabric; this creates the illusion of vintage nightwear layered over a stay for a  romantic and fairytale aesthetic.



The lovely thing about this style of bodice is that the structure afforded by the boning, underwire and lace-up back makes it strong enough to support stunning details like embroidery, lace appliques or stoning without the worry about wrinkling or slipping down on the dancefloor! This style of gown has really hit the bridal industry with full force and since the beginning of 2020 it would be hard to find a big name designer who hasn't included at least one gown like this in their Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter collections; this means you'll have an abundance of stunning gowns to pick from at varying price points!


Alon Livné

If you're the kind of gal who likes a minimalist and modern design then you'll adore a structured style gown! This style of bodice really plays up the corset details and highlights the boning structure with dynamic accents; using sheer fabric around the abdomen with a strikingly bold accent in the cups and support lines, it draws the eye to the bodice of your gown without having to be too flashy!


- Gráinne