It's every wedding enthusiast's favourite time of year, Spring 2025 bridal fashion week has just wrapped up and with it comes a plethora of some of the most stunning trends to float down a runway since this time last year! Bridal fashion isn't for the faint of heart, it can be quite overwhelming pouring through hundreds of shots of different fluffy white gowns to pinpoint the styles you really love and trends you want to follow, that's why we're here!

When it comes to bridal design we don't have the traditional influx of micro-trends that wash in and out with every season like you would with street fashion; for wedding dresses the design movements move a lot slower, quietly creeping into collections each year until suddenly you're hard pressed to find a gown that doesn't have a dropped waist or vintage inspired bodice trends. Some designers are doing what they do best and perfecting their style, like Monique Lhuillier with their collection of high-fem, high-drama gowns boasting dramatic bubble hemlines, or the minimalist bride's favourite Savannah Miller playing with necklines and sleeve silhouettes.

We've poured through the most exciting collections for Spring 2025 to give you the ultimate rundown of trends to look for!

1/ Bubble Hemlines

Bubble hemlines are the epitome of a trend the bridal industry just can't get enough of! Originating in the late 1950s and popularized in the 1980s, this silhouette involved strategic ruching and pinning to give your ballgown a softer, bubblier look (Hence the name of the trend!). It's also a great way to wear a dramatic dress if you want to flash a bit of leg! We've seen this playful hemline walking the runways of designers like Monique Lhuillier, Yellow by Sahar and Annie's Ibiza.

Monique Lhuillier

Annie's Ibiza

Yellow by Sahar

2/ Dropped Waists

The dropped waist style being on this list shouldn't come as a surprise if you've been following the bridal fashion week trends for the last few years. The best way to describe its resurgence is a slow burn, with designers like Francesca Miranda & Lihi Hod taking the silhouette in their stride and peppering their 2024 collections with the 2000s-inspired style. For 2025 we see bridal fashion houses like CINQ, Galia Lahav and Nardos playing with the waistline.


Galia Lahav


3/ Angelic Silhouettes

If your bridal style veers towards ethereal and delicate then you are in for a treat! In the last few years designers have catered towards more of a sultry style, with figure-hugging silhouettes, peekaboos of skin and daring necklines. But for 2025 we're seeing a resurgence in softness, with designers like Honor, Lili Hod & Marchesa using tulle to create an angelic silhouette that almost gives the look of floating.



Lili Hod

4/ Black Accents

Colour has never been a foreign concept in the bridal world, over the years we've seen our fair share of pastels in every style, but one colour (Or should we say tone) that's only recently begun to show out is black! In the past designers like Vera Wang have centred whole collections around the marrying of these two opposing shades, but it hasn't had such a wide spread until this year. Once considered an edgy move for a bride, designers that aren't known for grit, like Claire Pettibone are joining the likes of Nadia Manjarrez and Alejandra Alonso Rojas Bridal in adding black accents (And even whole dresses) to their 2025 collections.

Nadia Manjarrez

Claire Pettibone

Alejandra Alonso Rojas Bridal

5/ Halter Necklines

2025 is the year of the shoulder! With many brides eager to flash their decolletage after seeing Sophia Richi's halter neck wedding dress in early 2023, this is a style that we're more than happy to see come to the forefront of the fashion week trends. The ideal style for the bride with a bit of boob, we're excited to see fashion designers like Courte Collection, Nordeen and Yellow by Sahar dotting their 2025 collections with such a versatile style.

Yellow by Sahar


Courte Collection

6/ Vintage Bodices

Over the last two years, there's been a stark resurgence of Rococo fashion in the bridal sphere, with designers like Annie's Ibiza & Kim Kassas dropping whole collections themed around a style most would consider Marie Antoinette. One detail that we find particularly dreamy is the corset overlaying the skirt, quite reminiscent of 19th-century fashion, the corset top and skirt complement each other without looking like one unit. Some of the more notable adopters of this trend are Dana Harel, Wona Concept & Annie's Ibiza.

Wona Concept

Annie's Ibiza

Dana Harel

- Gráinne