One of the world’s most beloved bridalwear designers, Monique Lhuillier sits down with SOCIAL & PERSONAL WEDDINGS to impart some sage advice on choosing the wedding dress of your dreams.

1/ Begin with an Open Mind

“It’s a different day and age from when I was a bride in 1996. Today, with social media, brides are so savvy. They see so many images and put mood boards together to bring to the salon. It’s great  that they do all that research, but it’s a bonus to go in with an open mind.”

You can't always expect to find the perfect dress in the first boutique you set foot in, and it can be pretty disheartening when after a few appointments you still feel like you're no closer to finding a gown that makes you feel all of the emotions you want to feel. That is precisely why you have to keep an open mind (and an open heart) going into each appointment, you may be surprised by what does and doesn't suit you; for many brides, the vision they had in their head isn't quite as fabulous when they're standing in the gown.

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2/ Consider the Venue

“Decide if you’re having a destination wedding, one in an outdoor or more intimate setting, or one that’s a big ballroom affair. The venue and location should play some kind of role in finding the right dress.”

A grand and opulent affair calls for a grand and opulent dress, but a ballgown on the beach might look a little out of place. When picking your dress, imagine the vision you're aiming for and work from there; also if you're stuck for inspiration or unsure of the vibe your venue is giving then have a look at some previous real weddings that have been held there in the past!

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3/ Sample Dresses from Multiple Designers

“Try on all sorts of silhouettes to see which one makes you feel the most stunning.”

When choosing your wedding dress having brand loyalty will do you no favours; that isn't to say that you can't find a certain fashion house to be particularly inspiring but try not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Bridal fashion is just like ready-to-wear, different brands have different fits and a specific silhouette can hug you in all the right places with one designer but look woeful with another. Instead pick details that you want to see, a train or bardot neckline and allow each brand to work for your favour.

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4/ Pay Attention to How You Feel

“When I shopped for my wedding gown, I knew I wanted to feel really special and beautiful in my dress, but not the specific look I was going for. I was a 21-year-old looking for the dress of my dreams, and I wanted it to be very unique but to have a traditional element to it. It’s hard to describe, but I think my dress found me, because after trying on a few, I felt exceptional in one, and that’s ultimately the one I chose.”

For most brides, this is their first time picking out their wedding dress, so it's a little mad to expect to find the right one immediately. Treat the process like you're looking for your fabric soulmate and let each gown speak to you. We've heard time and time again from brides that the dress they ended up wearing down the aisle was the polar opposite of what they had expected to be wearing.

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