As a bride gets deeper and deeper into planning her wedding, she’ll start to realise that the real unsung heroes of her big day are her bridesmaids. They are the people who will calm her down in the middle of the night when the caterer has called with devastating news about the salmon mousse, and they will listen attentively when her biggest problem in life is whether her shoes are really ivory or more of a blanched almond shade.

Therefore, when everything is said and done a good bride will need to get something special to say “thank you for keeping me sane all this time”, and something as special as they all are. British fashion brand Zatchels, the makers of handmade leather satchels, offer an original and practical way to say thank you to the ladies who have helped you so!

With dozens of different styles and colours to choose from, their handmade leather bags suit any taste and can easily cater for all the different styles of your bridesmaids. However, just so they never forget the role they played in your big day it could be a sweet idea to get them a bag in your wedding colours and adjust the style to suit each individual. If you are feeling particularly creative and original, the Saddle Bag collection of Zatchels could make kitschy handbags for your bridal party on the wedding day itself!


Prices starting from €86

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- Alannah McMahon