Belfast's crowning jewel Queens University opened in 1849, the iconic Lanyon building on the main University campus offers you the chance to get married in a building so historic it was filled with scholars during the potato famine, the American Civil War and the invention of blue jeans! Inhye Lee married Gavin Moore on the 12th of August 2023 in a stunningly intimate and personal ceremony followed by a romantic stroll through the Botanic Gardens. Captured by Conor Hammond, we know you are going to love this wedding day as much as we do!

Inhye & Gavin first met in Brussels, Belgium in August 2017 - they both used to work there and arranged to meet in a cool and trendy bar in Brussels. Things didn’t immediately go to plan as the pair had to make a quick dash to another bar when Gavin realised his close friends had already pitched up in the planned meeting spot - not ideal for a first date! They moved from Brussels to London in Feb 2020 and have been living there since!

Gavin proposed at St. Anthony’s Head in Cornwall on 28 August 2021. In what was a Covid-inspired holiday, Gavin had been carrying around the extra weight - both figuratively and literally - of the engagement ring for the entirety of the trip. Earlier attempts were spoiled (crowded beaches, and me questioning why he needed to carry his bag into a nice restaurant), but St. Anthony’s Head turned out to be a truly perfect spot. "Gavin asked me in both (imperfect) Korean and English. I was very surprised and it made me cry!"

Since we bought the house and did house reno etc in the same year as the wedding, Inhye's beauty journey was simple, she got her hair balayaged as usual before the trip and kept up with her normal skincare routine. Finding the right make-up artist and hair stylist was tricky because the couple are based in London, Inhye got recommendations from Gavin’s family and friends and checked out Instagram posts to decide on them. "Super happy with my choice in the end! I used Joe Malone’s Sage and sea salt as usual on the wedding day too."

Inhye wanted a minimal contemporary style dress, so the Own Studio in London was a perfect choice! She went to the shop with friends and tried on several different styles. "My final dress was actually not the design I wanted in the first place but was suggested by my friend for me to try on and when I tried it, I knew it was the one."

Gavin's suit was a gift from Inhye's parents when the couple visited South Korea in May 2022. It was a bespoke, custom-tailored navy suit based on Gavin’s measurement which was made beautifully by specialists.

In Korea, it is not common to have bridesmaids. So the couple chose not to have bridesmaids or groomsmen. However, Inhye's best friends flew from South Korea and Japan, making her wedding day extra special!

The ceremony was short but sweet. The couple had a reading from Gavin’s mother and also had a musician play some special arrangements for Inhye walking down the aisle. For Inhye, the highlight was incorporating an element of Korean culture into the ceremony. After they completed their vows and signed the register, Gavin bowed down to her parents as a show of ultimate respect. Inhye's parents and all of the guests were touched by the gesture. "My favourite part of our wedding was Gavin’s speech! He prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the speech and a speech for my parents in Korean. I could not stop crying during the speech and it was so beautiful and special."

Gavin was keen to get married in his home city of Belfast. The couple currently live in London which made viewing venues more difficult, but they found out Queen’s University Belfast could host weddings for alumni, which Gavin is. Inhye & Gavin loved the iconic Lanyon building (as well as the historic Great Hall) which provided a stunning backdrop to the big day. They also had the benefit of the picturesque Botanic Gardens close by, which provided scenery for some of our most cherished photos. Also, the staff were absolutely amazing and the food was very good as well!

For entertainment, they hired David Marken, a singer and guitarist, to play before, during and after the ceremony. As well as for the post-ceremony drinks reception on the Queen’s garden lawn. "We chose David because of his talent first and foremost, his song selection, but also his engagement throughout and willingness to learn some special arrangements for us. We would highly recommend him." 

About the best decision, Inhye had to say, "The team at Queen’s were so helpful throughout the process. Opting for a slightly unusual - but historic - wedding venue, with our guests from Korea, Brussels and London suitably impressed with the best of what Belfast had to offer!"
About the worst decision, Inhye had to say, "Not having a wedding planner, being in London and preparing a wedding in Belfast was a challenge. The journey might have been less stressful with the help of a wedding planner for sure. However, Gavin’s Parents have been a huge help for us so it worked out well in the end!"

- Gráinne