Who says you can’t mix red and pink? It was one of the oldest fashion rules in the book: don’t wear pink and red together. But lately, we’re all about the notion that rules are made to be broken, and wedding trends are no exception. This romantic trend is particularly perfect for Valentine's Day.

Red and pink are gorgeously romantic colours and blending them together at a Valentine's wedding gives a gorgeous ombre affect too, particularly when matched together in the wedding cake and flowers. A red and pink wedding is perfect for spring or summer, particularly because the flowers are fabulous. And if you're getting married on or around Valentine's Day, what better colour scheme to choose than the actual colours of Valentine's? If you have the budget, red and pink roses look particularly spectacular. Adding a bit of personality to your own attire with red or pink shoes is fabulous and there’s no reason to avoid one colour just because you have a splash of the other.

Make sure you let the shades follow each other. If you have cherry red, mix it with pale pinks and pastels. If you want a brighter fuchsia colour, go for a darker burgundy colour. Make sure you have the distinction between red and pink at each end of the spectrum, while letting the blend meet in the middle if you’re going for an ombre look. You don’t want a dark pink and a bright red close together that look like the same shade, because that will look like you’re trying to match them identically but they’re not quite right. When it comes to this colour combo, make sure you have a sharp contrast between the darkest red and pink.


For couples getting married around Valentine’s Day or just want to inject that extra romance and passion with their colour scheme, a red and pink wedding is perfect. It ticks all the right boxes for a modern, unique look, while still maintaining traditional romance. Red and pink are the colours of love after all.

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