If you've begun planning your wedding then you may have run across the age-old dilemma of "who do I put in the bridal party?". You'll have some obvious answers, of course, your favourite sisters or cousins, sisters of your spouse, your best friends etc, but what if you have more options than spaces and the chance to seriously hurt some feelings if you don't involve them? The answer is simple, have a something blue crew! Talk with the people who didn't quite make the cut for your bridesmaids about the option to be something blue on your wedding day and get involved without all the stress!

Why Do It?

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If you're anything like me, you've been blessed with a HUGE brood of cousins and close friends that you would love to include in your wedding day but whether it be budget or personal preference; that isn't always a viable option. This gives you a really wonderful way to involve the people you love while not taking the shine away from those lucky enough to be in your bridal party!

  • Those involved can buy their own outfit for the day with the only stipulation being that they wear blue. This saves you a hefty coin on clothes and means your friends won't feel as much pressure to drop hundreds of euro on a gown.
  • It gives your special day a wonderfully unique flair and makes sure the ones you love are included in not only the day but the photographs.
  • Since it's a newer trend it's much less traditional so you don't have to stick with old fashioned ideas on this, it doesn't just have to be the women in your life and you can give the roles to the kids you're inviting!
  • If they're willing, your blue crew can help out on your special day by guiding elderly family members to their seats, keeping an eye on your guestbook or even MCing the night if their heart desires.
  • You can include older family members if you want to involve them, your grandparents and partners grandparents could act as your something blue crew as a sweet way to involve them in the day as more than a passive role.
  • It looks great in photos! Blue is and dynamic a versatile colour, it acts as a complementary tone to quite a lot of other colours so your group will mesh well with the bridesmaid's dresses (Granted they aren't also blue!) and will look great in candid reception shots!

Why Not Do It?

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No trend works for every person, what one finds charming another may find tacky. If you're not head over heels with the idea of a something blue crew then consider tweaking the idea, instead of all wearing blue you can have the whole rhyme played out and meet traditions while remaining unique. However, with anything, there are positives and negatives.

  • It might ruffle feathers between your bridal party and other friends as the something blue crew may feel like they're getting the consolation prize and the bridesmaids may feel as though their role is somewhat watered down by another wedding group. It may also cause issues with family and friends who aren't asked to play a role in either, it can be easier to justify not involving somebody when the roles are very limited but it can be quite insulting to be eliminated from consideration when there are more slots.
  • People might be upset at the restriction, not everybody likes to be told what to wear, especially if they're the ones paying for the garment. While it's a fun idea, you can't force anybody to take part and spend their money if they don't want to, especially if they're already upset about not making the cut as a bridesmaid.
  • It can be confusing for the photographer if you don't explain things properly, if you've taken the time to pick your groups separately you'll want to make sure they each get photo-opportunities both posed and candid throughout the event!

- GrĂ¡inne