Irish weather may not be the most reliable, but that doesn't mean you can't dream of a garden wedding, especially as we're heading for spring! Whether you're looking to go somewhere with guaranteed sunshine or taking your chances in one of our sunnier seasons, there are plenty of venue options for you and plenty of ways to dress a gorgeous garden wedding.

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Start with the ceremony. Make sure you get plenty of comfortable seating if it's going to be outdoors; don't forget to decorate it too! Just because you have a gorgeous setting, doesn't mean you can't dress it up even more with flowers. You should also take some time to pick out the perfect arch if you haven't already got one and feel free to dress it up with garden flowers.

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One of the best parts of a garden wedding is looking after your guests. If you're planning on giving out wedding favours, then a pair of sunglasses or a parasol might be the perfect gift for your guests, especially if your ceremony is outdoors. Alternatively, if it's a brisk sunny day (which is very common in Ireland) blankets might be another option for your guests. You might also consider getting heel protectors for the ladies. We all know that high heels and walking on grass don't mix very well.

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Don't forget about the treats for your wedding. We love homemade lemonade and summer cocktails for a garden wedding, but you should also think about hiring an ice-cream cart. It's the perfect way to help your guests get into a garden party mood. If you're planning a garden wedding, remember: Irish weather is temperamental so always a back-up plan in place.


- Jenny