When you’re choosing your wedding cake, there’s a lot to consider, from the flavours and colours, to the size and style. Here are some tips for getting the perfect cake for your wedding day.

Choose Your Theme First

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It’s a good idea to have your style and theme sorted out before you decide on what you want for your cake. You want your cake to match the overall style of your day. Naked cakes look great for rustic-style weddings, or a vintage-style with lots of lace will look fabulous with lace detail on a stunning intricate cake. At the very least you should have your colours picked out.

Have a Budget

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As with almost every part of the wedding planning process, it’s important to have your budget set so that you know how much you can afford to spend on your cake, and where you want the money to go. Make sure you sort this out before you go looking for bakers, and once you know your budget, be up front and honest about it to your baker so they know what they can work with.

Choose Your Baker

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Once you have your budget sorted and you have an idea about your style it’s time to choose your baker. It’s good to book your baker about six months before. Your wedding cake isn't something that can be whipped up with a week's notice, and it'll take some time to decide exactly what you want.

Research Different Styles

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Don't give in to the norm by simply having a standard three-tiered white fondant cake. Your cake should be personal to you. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, from different designs, different icing types, or you could even go naked with your cake. Not to mention there are even more options if you want an alternative to the wedding cake altogether. Take some time to look at all the different styles of cake you can have and deciding what's best for you.

Choose Your Flavour

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Again, the most important thing about choosing your cake flavour is that it's one that you want. Don't choose a cake flavour just because you think it's the norm or the most popular among your guests. Remember, it's your wedding so the flavour that you like is the most important thing. Provided you and your fiancé have the same taste. Don't worry if you can't agree though, that's what multiple tiers are for, and then you're giving your guests choice too.

Know Your Icing

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Get to know the different types of icing you can have and what it means. Buttercream icing tends to be tastier, but if you're looking for that smooth, perfect look. fondant icing is the way to go. Fondant icing will also fare better in a warmer atmosphere. Talk to your baker about the overall look and taste you want from your cake.

Try Before You Buy

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This is one of the best parts of wedding planning. You get to organise cake tastings for yourself and try all the delicious options you have for your wedding cake. This is particularly fun when you have a sweet tooth. Just make sure you don't bring too many people along, as this is one of those situations where too many cooks will probably spoil the broth. Taste is very subjective so you might want to just keep this for you and your fiancé

Sort Out The Delivery

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Talk to your chosen baker before you book them about the delivery plan. How is it going to get to the reception? Does it need much assembly? Will the delivery cost extra? You don't want to have your baker picked and even your cake before you realise that your reception is outside their delivery range or that it's not included.

Don’t Forget The Topper

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Now that you've picked your style, colour, flavour and icing, it's time to top it off with a fabulous cake topper. There are plenty of options for cake toppers out there, from trendy initials to cute cartoon versions of yourselves. You don't have to let your personal style stop at the cake itself.

Display Your Cake With Pride

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With your cake all ready to go, it's time to display it at your wedding. Consider your wedding cake to be a centrepiece and give it pride of place in the reception room on your big day.