If you’re committed to living a truly green lifestyle, then why should your wedding day be any less eco-friendly? Aside from the obviously positive message of an eco-friendly wedding, the beautiful, rustic décor that comes with it is breath-taking and perfect for an earthy, green wedding. Here, we have some tips on how to up the green, eco and chic factor of your wedding day.

Eco-friendly favours


Why not print your stationery on recycled paper to kick off your eco-chic wedding? Recycled paper has come on in leaps and bounds over the past number of years so you won't have to compromise on your style while opting for an eco-friendly invite. You can also ask your guests to RSVP by phone or email to save on the paper of the RSVP cards, which will also reduce your stationery costs en masse. It's a win, win!

Wedding Website

Sending out a couple hundred wedding invitations and expecting a paper RSVP back really isn’t the best idea for eco-friendly brides! Luckily, technology has come on in leaps and bounds so not only will a digital save the date be eco-friendly, but you can also send them out from the comfort of your own home! Log into our My Wedding section to set up your personal wedding website and mail the link out to all you guests as a save the date and to keep them posted on the details.

Your dress

Just because you’re going eco-friendly, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the all-important dress! Wearing a family heirloom gown, scouring vintage and charity shops or even buying online means saving on cost and reducing your carbon footprint.


Weather wise, us Irish aren’t the luckiest when it comes to blistering heat on our big day, but we do have luscious green land in abundance! So take your pick! If green rolling fields, outdoors is what you wish, there really are thousands of venues around the country to choose from.


Think local for food and favours at the reception. The less distance required in transportation means supporting your local community, saving on cost and also fuel. If you’re really serious about an eco-friendly day, the idea of scattering bird seed instead of petals down the aisle is one to consider.


Make your bridal bouquet eco-friendly by using local flower vendors and flowers that are in season, so they don't have to be imported. You should also opt for organic flowers. You're probably thinking, flowers are already organic, but in reality they're often doused in pesticides and other chemicals. Don't worry though, you can get organic, chemical-free flowers from a number of vendors across the country, including Ruby Harte Floral Design.


Moss is a perfect addition to any eco-chic wedding for decór. It gives a gorgeously natural, rustic look, and it really is natural and chemical-free. It also has a romantic air to it for weddings because moss is a very long-lasting plant. In fact, it can actually regenerate, even after being dried out, and during hot spells, it can stop its metabolism altogether to survive. It's almost like an everlasting plant, which is very romantic.


There are plenty of gorgeous favours you can give your guests that are eco-friendly and they don't have to break the bank either. Edible favours are a great way to save on packaging and ensure your guests don't end up chucking them in the bin when they get home. Chances are edible favours won't even last the night because they're so tasty! You could also give out seeds to continue the green trend, or simply make a donation to charity in their name.

- Michelle Storey

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