Whet your appetite with these tantalising creations when researching the ideal wedding cake for your summer celebrations.  

Art Deco 

This era was full of colour and life and these cakes are capturing that perfectly. Big and bold, these designs can be real showstoppers. Don’t be afraid to mix shapes when it comes to the layers and in terms of design, think feathers, fans, fringing – anything flapper style with luxe touches of gold. 


Inherently pretty, watercolour designs provide a dreamy pop of colour for spring and summer nuptials. Faded pastels and soft washes create the most beautiful backdrop for your wedding cake of dreams. 

All White 

One for all of the traditionalists, an all-white wedding cake is clean, classic and timeless. Add detail through the icing and delicate sugar work to create that wow factor. 


A blend of elegant European design with exotic East Asian artistic traditions, chinoiserie style was originally influenced by the extravagant Chinese silk and art with Europeans seeking to imitate this with their own twist. 


Bring it back to basics and load up your cake with bundles of fresh blooms. Flowers play such an important role in weddings so incorporate them into your cake also to tie in with the rest of the décor for your day. 


If you and your husband or wife-to-be love colour, ombré is the theme for you! Combining several different shades, the ombré effect works with every colour imaginable for a fun take on confectionary design. 

Pretty In Pink 

Feminine, romantic and fun, pretty pink designs are a great option when choosing your cake. From baby pink to blush, these simple creations create a classic option which will endure the test of time. 


If you have gone to the trouble of having a custom monogram created for your wedding celebrations, why not incorporate this into your cake design also? Symbolising your new union, this is a beautiful element to include in your cake design. 

Something Blue 

Make your something blue an edible one by means of your wedding cake. From soft sky blues to rich royal hues, this colour works year round and is totally adaptable to your theme for the day. 

Romantic Ruffles 

Ruffles come in many different forms including petal, layered, and bunched. Each design adds texture and volume to a wedding cake to create a chic centrepiece for your reception.