While decorating a staircase may not be the first item on your ‘To Do List’ for floral décor, it’s still an area that should be given thought and attention. We can say that in our experience, it’s these extra details of embellishment that not only enhance a wedding scene but are also what stands out most to guests.

Imagine being welcomed to a church ceremony with entrance stairs lined with greenery and candles or turning the corner in a centuries-old castle to discover a twisting staircase adorned with a mélange of fresh flowers.

Natural Refinement

Are you planning to get married at a castle venue with a grand concrete staircase on the grounds? Soften the stately structure with natural, subtle-hued arrangements of cream and blush roses and hydrangeas complemented by sprigs of eucalyptus. Not only beautiful, but this setup doubles as a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos.

Mary Claire Photography

Garden Whimsy & Romance

Like a spring garden in full bloom, this staircase style radiates whimsy and romance. Focusing on texture and dimension expressed in an assortment of bright, fresh florals and greenery, the arrangements give off the ‘living’ décor look that is so popular right now. Lanterns holding pillar candles add to the design’s alluring charm.

Joe Dodsworth Photography

Modern Romance with Chic White Florals

White florals encapsulate modern romance right down to the very last detail, allowing the couple to share intimate moments on the curving stairway, decorated with chic arrangements of white hydrangeas illuminated by floating candles.

Tailored Wildflowers

Trust us when we say that wildflower wedding décor is guaranteed to elevate every nook of a rustic venue including a corner staircase. The key here is styling your flowers so they appear wild yet tailored. You can achieve this look by choosing a medley of blossoms and greenery and styling their buds, leaves, and stems to emphasise texture, dimension, and movement. Sticking to a cohesive palette creates a sense of unity and finish throughout the design.

Grace and Ardor

Organic Blooms + Industrial Details

Are you looking for ways to dress up a staircase composed of natural wood and a black iron bannister? Consider decorating the railing with a garland composed of exuberant florals in punchy hues of pink and peach with rich greenery — the combination of hard industrial elements with organic, vibrant blooms creates a striking contrast that delights the eye.

A Flourishing Banister Garland

Many façades of churches and venues are preceded by a standard cement stairway with an iron bannister. Take this entrance from ordinary to extraordinary by wrapping the railing in a bountiful garland of mixed greenery and ivory roses that begins at the top, trails down, and cascades onto the ground. White pillar candles of varying heights add dramatic sophistication to the presentation.

Dyanna Lamora

A Greenery Stair Railing Treatment

See every architectural element as an opportunity to transform the venue and bring some old-world charm. Adorn the entrance stair railing with a dense, intertwining layer of lemon and olive branches, myrtle, and Italian ruscus, complementing the venue’s natural beauty.

Sanaz Photography

Dramatic Romance by Candlelight

Where a candlelit stairway can be found, dramatic romance is sure to follow. For high impact, line the steps with greenery and floral garland trimmed by assorted candles of various styles and heights ranging from tea lights and votives to robust pillar candles set in glass hurricanes. We really can’t imagine a more magical start to married life than walking up this illuminated pathway together. Flowers, greenery, and candles will bring warmth to concrete entrance steps, liven up a black iron bannister, and add intimacy to an austere stairway. We hope these ideas inspire you to be creative, using arrangements and treatments to highlight your wedding day stairs.