In what will be the most photographed day of your life, we cannot stress the importance of finding a good photographer who understands you as a couple. These images will take pride of place on the walls of your home for decades to come, so the photographer is one area which we recommend you prioritise. Follow these simple tips below to help you find the perfect candidate for the job.

1/ Book Your Venue First

Dates can so easily change so firstly ensure that you have secured the venue of your dreams before booking anything else wedding related. Venues can often vouch for photographers who are familiar with the best spots so don’t be afraid to check out any recommendations.

2/ Take To Social Media

Embrace the power of social media and snoop around any friends or family who were recently married. Check out their professional shots and if you like what you see, drop them a mail enquiring about who they hired and what their thoughts on them were. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of endorsement when it comes from somebody you know and trust, so take advantage of being able to ask somebody who has been through the experience already.

3/ Browse Through Magazines

Pay particular attention to the photographers in the Real Weddings section of magazines and websites, you can spot styles which you like and research them online. This is the perfect glimpse into their work and they obviously have the approval of the magazine editor so they can’t be all that bad…

4/ Find Your Style

There are different styles of photography so look around to find what best suits you, do you want the formal posed shots or are you after a more casual documentary style? Some photographers opt for bright, colourful images whereas others prefer the more muted tones in a vintage style. It is important to identify which style you are after before approaching any photographers so spend a few days carefully researching different names.

5/ Meet With Your Photographer

It’s important to properly interact with your photographer before booking them to ensure you are a good fit for one another and understand what each other is looking for. Ask for their portfolio and make sure this includes recent weddings also. When viewing the images, make sure you are seeing a full gallery from start to finish and not just their favourite shots from the day. Ask if they have shot any other weddings at your venue and request to see these images also. Also enquire who will be shooting on the day, sometimes they have a team in place so make sure you see each person’s work before confirming anything.

6/ Negotiate The Fee

Photographers have numerous packages to cater to different couples needs so sit down and discuss exactly what you are looking for. Find out how many hours are involved in a half day and a full day rate, what cost it is per hour after this, if there will be one or two photographers there on the day. Also discuss what exactly you will be getting, some photographers offer a set number of prints in an album where as others charge per image. Will you be receiving the full album on a USB and if so, how long after the wedding should you expect this? Make sure you fully understand everything that is included and keep a written record of everything discussed to avoid any confusion.

7/ Trust Your Instincts

If the photographer is within your budget and you have met and discussed your various questions with them, go with your instincts. If you feel comfortable around them and confident that they will deliver on the day then it’s time to bite the bullet and book them. But if you find yourself with that niggling little feeling that maybe you just don’t click then don’t settle and continue to look around. You won’t get a second shot at capturing these special moments so make sure you are happy with who pick.

8/ Organise A Trial Run

The idea of an engagement shoot may seem a bit American and can fill your groom with dread but it’s important to be relaxed and at ease with your photographer from the get-go. An engagement shoot can serve as a trial run and your photographer will help you to find the most flattering poses for you both. If either of you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, this is the ideal opportunity to overcome this so you can prepare your dazzling grin for the big day!