If you’re struggling to make a decision on whether to introduce the notion of a flower girl into your wedding party then look no further, as we have compiled a list of pros and cons which will hopefully make your decision easier.

Flower Girls Are So Cute

Matthew Morgan

Okay, so maybe the reason is purely for the sake of a really good photograph opportunity, but flower girls do look incredibly adorable traipsing down the aisle, dropping petals. If you’re keeping with tradition, you will include children in your wedding party but aside from this, children also bring bundles of endless energy to the reception! Yes, they may run about and make rather a lot of noise, but they’ll also be first on the dance floor, encouraging others to do the same!

Break The Ice

Logan Cole

Kids can say the most inappropriate things, but on the biggest day of your life when nerves will more than likely appear, having a flower girl by your side to crack silly jokes with can take your mind off things and really bring you back down to earth with a chuckle!

Be Creative

Katherine Ann Rose

Including children in your big day can pave the way for some very creative ideas! If you have no-one, in particular, to walk you down the aisle, why not break the tradition, take your flower girl’s hand and ask her to step in instead? Also, after your first dance as husband and wife, why not take the ring bearer’s hand whilst the flower girl pairs off with the groom? It’s something a little different, would make the kids feel extra special and would make for a great photo opportunity!


Sanford Creative

Whether it’s an unexpected burst of energy which sees them tear down the aisle, ruining your perfect entrance, or your usually outgoing flower girl coming over all shy and refusing to participate, expect the lot where kids are involved!

All Eyes On You

Lauren Fair Photography

As selfish as this may sound, after all the time, money and planning that goes into your wedding, it’s only right that all eyes should be firmly on the bride and groom! An adorable flower girl is sure to distract guests from the all-important ring exchange at the alter!


Connie Whitlock Photo

Adding a flower girl to your wedding party means added expense. Whether it’s merely a non-expensive dress, a basket and flower petals for tossing, you’re sure to be working with an extremely tight budget and all costs do add up!


- Michelle Storey