When you announce your engagement, the first thing people will say to you after “Congratulations” is, “When’s the wedding?” Most couples announcing their engagement probably haven’t got that far in terms of wedding planning so this question can become grating very fast, depending on how long it takes you to come up with the perfect date. But how exactly do you even start thinking about your wedding date? We’re here to help.


Do you have an important date?

Whether it’s the first day you met, your first date or your engagement date a year (or two) later, you might want to tie your wedding date into something else special and meaningful to you as a couple. If a particular date is important to you, think about how long away the wedding will be and make sure you have enough time to actually plan the wedding. If it’s in six months you might want to consider going to the following year.

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What kind of wedding do you want?

Are you dreaming of a winter wonderland or a gorgeous garden wedding? Unpredictable weather aside, there are certain things that do come with the seasons. A winter-themed wedding will look a bit odd in June, while a beach or tropical-themed wedding won’t fit well with a cold, rainy November day. If you’re not fussy about a specific date, then thinking about the season you want to get married in is your next port of call.


Does price matter?

For many couples, the price is something that needs to be considered and if you don’t have a specific date or even a specific season in mind, then look at when might be less expensive for you. Many venues have an off-season and midweek price and when you’re counting up the guest list, this will give you a massive reduction, leaving more money in the budget to spend on something more important.

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What else is coming up soon?

You can’t check with each of your 200 guests if they have important occasions or holidays planned before setting a date but it’s important to do a ring around of your VIPs. Make sure there are no babies due, no holidays planned and no other weddings happening around the same time as yours before you set that date in stone.

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Watch out for bad dates

It’s not just your own family you have to watch out for bad dates. There are certain dates on the calendar that you just might want to stay away from in general. Keep an eye out for big international tournaments, GAA matches, bank holidays and other dates to keep an eye on before setting your wedding day. If you’re still worried, we’ve listed the important dates for the next two years to watch out for.

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