Create a stylish scene for the ceremony backdrop as you say, 'I do'. From the first impact to the all-important aisle and, of course, the altar itself, we bring you the details which will make all the difference

Set It Up

Laurène and the Wolf

Stairs are a great inclusion for your ceremony as they allow you to make an entrance if preparing to walk down the aisle or, alternatively, can offer the ideal altar if you can find something similar to that pictured. Elevating you slightly off the ground, it is the perfect vantage point for guests watching the ceremony and creates an altar without needing too many extras.

Established Walkways

Pear & Bear Photography

Scour the grounds of your venue and see if any special spots could be beautifully transformed into your ceremony space. Low-hanging trees and an already-established walkway will mean you require fewer add-ons to make this space stand out. Simply add your seating and some fitting floral arrangements. Huntington Castle in Carlow offers a beautiful spot to recreate this.

Welcome Sign

Annie Zav Photography

First impressions count, so kick off the celebrations with a simple sign welcoming guests to your wedding with both of your names and the date. Something so minimal and easy to do will set the tone from the start.

Statuesque Vase

Alexandra Wallace

Whether you’re saying ‘I do’ in a church, ceremony room or outside, a tall statuesque vase filled with florals greatly impacts arrival. Strategically place singular vases close to the entrance or at the sides of the altar or mark the beginning of the aisle; you can use them as stand-alone markers for the start of the aisle or pave your way with smaller instalments marking out the aisle.

Go Big

Liz Banfield Liz Banfield

Not for the faint-hearted (or, more importantly, those on a budget!), we love embracing all things floral and incorporating them wherever possible. From towering urns filled with florals to potted plants and sweet posies adorning the back of guests’ chairs, you can even hang florals from the surrounding trees!

Mismatched Seating

Julia Kaptelova

Whoever said you had to choose style over comfort? Have your guest watch your nuptials in the comfort of an array of mismatched lounge chairs and settees. If this isn’t practical for your ceremony, you can create a similar vibe by using a collection of coloured cushions.

Secret Garden

Lorenzo Accardi

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, we love the idea of transforming the space into your own secret garden. Enter through a floral arch before sashaying down a flower-filled aisle where you will greet your beloved and exchange vows surrounded by a mass of petal perfection. Greenery is vital to this idea to pad out the florals and achieve a more natural garden look.

Flower Power

Lucy Cuneo Photography

Giving that WOW factor with the added bonus that you won’t have guests stepping out into the aisle to take their own pics and blocking your photographer, a flower-lined aisle will provide the perfect pathway to your betrothed.

Potted Plants

One Love Photography

Wild and free, the addition of potted plants to pave the way down the aisle creates a natural, earthy feel. These are also easily transportable from ceremony to reception, so you can avoid waste and cut down on costs regarding the floral budget.

Floral Circle

Stepan Vrzala

The circle symbolises infinity and everlasting love, thus making a ring the perfect emblem for two people embarking on a life together. With this in mind, we love the idea of becoming man and wife underneath a floral-filled circular arch. Not only will it look picture-perfect as your photographer captures this special moment, but the meaning behind it is beautiful to boot!

Walk On Water

Darin Limsuansub

We don’t quite mean the levels of extra seen in Crazy Rich Asians, but if you’re marrying abroad, creating an aisle over a pond or swimming pool can make a real statement. Just be sure to allow enough width and avoid overcrowding; the last thing you want is for somebody to take a dip!


Lauren Mihae

Dressing an indoor space to make it your own can be challenging at the best of times, but this tree-lined aisle makes for a dreamy setting to make that fated walk to your fiancé. The combination of the tall trees with some ground-level florals will help to create an outdoor feel in your ceremony space.


Blue Rose Photography

There are many different ideas for incorporating lanterns into your wedding décor. From lining the aisle to hanging them in trees or outside the entrance to your venue to filling them with flowers as your reception table centrepieces, don’t be afraid to get inventive. Adding in soft candlelight will just up the romance for the day!


Emily Mathewson Photography

Line the aisle and altar with a series of rugs to pave your way to your partner. They don’t have to be all the same; mix and match for a laidback, homely vibe. This is a great way to ensure you don’t lose the symbolism of the aisle if you are not getting married in a church and opting for a more laid-back ceremony.

Pampas Grass

Feather & Twine

Featuring a resurgence in popularity since its hay day in the seventies, the addition of pampas grass makes for a modern, eclectic feel. Versatile, long lasting and budget friendly, it looks great when used en masse if creating a statement installation such as this altar.