Flowers are quite a large part of the day, from the bouquet you'll be carrying to the table pieces in the dining hall. It's important to know exactly what your money is going toward when choosing your florist.

What flowers will be in season when I get married?

  • This should be a pretty obvious question to ask; out of season flowers can cost almost double what they would if you were buying them in the time of year they flourish. Plan your flowers around your colour scheme, not the other way round!

Is there a price difference to have a bouquet of just one type of flower versus having a mixed bouquet?

  • If you think about it practically then it makes a lot of sense, certain flowers cost a lot more to grow and maintain (Roses for example). If you want a bouquet of only white lilies then you'll end up paying more than you would for a mixed bouquet with lilies being the prominent feature because they need to fill out the arrangement with pricy blooms.

Can you provide organic varieties on request?

  • If you're conscious of the environmental impact of pesticides and chemical fertilisers then you may want to have organically grown flowers on your big day. Discuss this detail with your florist before contracts have been signed and money handed over! It may also help to do your own research into their flower grower and supplier to ensure you're getting what you paid for as opposed to getting scammed.

Do you provide boutonniéres and bridesmaids bouquets?

  • The last thing you want is to sign the contract, put down the deposit and then find out that you're going to have to go to a different florist for the bridesmaid's bouquets and boutonniéres because yours doesn't make them.

What decoration do you provide? Aisle runners, arches, etc?

  • Make a list of the flowers you want, what they're for and how many you want before your initial meeting to ensure they can deliver what you want. Certain details may not be included in the package you've selected or pre-agreed budget and it's important to have this set in stone. If they don't provide decor then you can adjust your budget respectively.

Can you work with the baker I have chosen if I want flowers on or around my cake?

  • Most vendors will be happy to collaborate on details for your wedding day if you're paying them a fair price. If your dream wedding cake is draped in flowers then it would be pretty important to ensure the plants are non-toxic and organic (You don't want your cake to be dusted in pesticides) and this is a detail that you can work out with your florist and baker.

Do you customise or do you offer specific packages?

  • As with most wedding vendors, there are usually packages of their services that you can buy for you big day e.g. A "Lovers In Paradise" package with your caterer that covers a three-course meal from a set menu for a certain amount of people, all for a set price. This is often the case with florists!

Do you charge extra for set up or breakdown of the wedding venues?

  • After all the guests have left, the band is packing up and you're exhausted (and maybe a little drunk), the last thing you want to do before you head to bed is breakdown all of the flower arches, pack up the vases and bundle up the bouquets with your new spouse. Vendors, such as florists, will often offer set-up and breakdown service to ensure that the things you rented from them return safely. Whether this is included in your package or an extra add-on is the real question.

Can I see mock-ups or sketches before I sign a contract?

  • You wouldn't buy your wedding dress without trying it on, wouldn't book a caterer before trying their food, so don't book your florist without seeing proof of their talent and skill! Don't just settle for the big book of photos they have hiding behind the counter; before you sign the contract and slap down the deposit ask to see a mock-up of your vision, be it a centrepiece, bouquet or runner. You don't want to find out that your florist took on more than they can chew on the day of your wedding!


-Aoife Bennett