For some people having an on-trend wedding is vital; if every last detail isn't trending on Instagram, then why bother? But for some of us, having a more timeless celebration is ideal, being able to look back at your photos in ten years and feel like they could have been taken yesterday. Ageless design is both effortless to achieve and incredibly difficult to get perfect, so we've put together a few tips and tricks to achieve a timeless affair!

The Decor

Keep things simple; less really is more when it comes to decorating an event space, especially if the architecture is one of the reasons you picked the venue! It can be easy to go overboard with ideas, and of course, you want your special day to be memorable, but be wary of falling into the trap of trends! Micro-trends go crazy over social media but have a really short lifespan; in weeks between booking the vendor and actually getting married, the decor you've picked might already be old news. Keep things simple and elegant, using natural woods, greenery and white silks in your table settings, skip the bistro lights for delicate string lights and steer clear of the TikTok trends to guarantee you not only enjoy an elegant wedding, but you'll also save a considerable wad of money!

On The Times

Clean, classic colours will be your bestie when it comes to an ageless celebration! Think whites, blacks and earthy tones like taupe, beige and creams; playing with pops of colour is 100% the way to go here, adding dashes of vibrancy in your flowers, your invitations and your wedding party jazzes up the space without making it look like a paint bomb has gone off during your reception! If you're booking a manor house you have a trove of beautiful art hung along the walls, if you're opting for a green house you have a bounty of lush greens all around you! Chose a venue with character and then keep the colour palette neutral to allow the venue to shine.

Jessica Lorren Photography

The Wedding Dress

Avoid trendy pieces; it can be really easy to get swept up in a sea of on-trend, social-media cultivated weddings, overflowing with whatever micro trend has taken over TikTok that month, but I really encourage you not to take heed! Following prominent trends will age your photos like milk on a hot day, and in five years, you’ll look back and cringe at your €4,000 wedding dress being styled with €200 cowboy boots from Asos. Take inspiration for iconic brides like Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle who set trends rather than followed them, simple satins and delicate lace can really shine on a chic, elegant silhouette. So avoid high-lows, mini dresses and tiers of ruffled tulle and instead opt for a-lines, cowl necklines and floor length or longer!

Greg Finck

Consider what has been in fashion for the last two decades. You can scroll Instagram and TikTok all day looking for timeless trends, but if you want pieces that honestly will never go out of fashion, then looking back at the last two decades will open up a treasure trove of gorgeous style, accessories and details that may not have ever crossed your mind! Things don't become timeless until some time has passed, after all. Consider a classic cathedral veil over a short veil, a simple white satin heel over a boot or delicate silver or gold jewellery over enamel statement pieces! 

On The Times

The Dress Code

For a dress code, I would heavily encourage black tie, it’s classic and elegant, and the rules have stayed the same since the 50s! You’ll have to anticipate that guests may not care as much about your photos as much as having fun in the moment and wearing something they feel nice in, so anticipate your guest's attire to act as your time capsule! Selkie and Oh Polly won’t be around forever, but they’ll certainly make an appearance on your dance floor!

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The wedding party is where you can really make a difference; dressing the men in tuxedos and smart shoes will never go amiss. When it comes to the bridesmaids, focus less on what you see all over Pinterest and pay more attention to what suits each of your ladies! Most fashion trends are designed with body type in mind, so you’ll end up with a much more flattering ensemble if you pay attention to colour coordination and silhouettes that flatter. Avoid mixed florals and ruffles!

Jessica Lorren Photography

The Photos

Avoid trendy filters and camera tricks at all costs, adding lens flares, vignettes and heavy filters is a sure fire way to age your photos. It's kind of like adding the snapchat dog filter to your selfies, you immediately know the photo was taken in 2015. For a photo album that will last for decades chose a photographer with a portfolio filled with natural light shots, classic poses and a diverse range of venues. Doing goofy group pictures you found on Pinterest will be perfect for your Instagram but for those romantic posed shots with your new bride or groom stick with the classics, gazing into each others eyes, romantic kisses, walking shots to show off the dress as it moves and interacting with the venue. The real treasure trove is going to be your candid shots, your first dance, cutting the cake, dancing with friends, teary eyed speeches and in general having a blast on your wedding day. Having a mixture of posed and candids is a must for your photographer list!

The Saums

Focus on the details! You've spent the money on the champagne tower, the photo-booth and the groomsmen's cufflinks; allow certain details to be reflective of the time. The trick to timelessness having a frame of reference here and there to really show how elegant everything around it is. Also if you're spent the money on the little things here and there you really don't want them to be forgotten, the only reason you have a wedding album is so you can look back in years to come and remember how fun the day was and revel in the memories of one of the happiest day of you life!

Alyssa Barletter

- Gráinne