We know many different shades of red, classic red, burgundy, claret, dark red, maroon, marsala, the list goes on. Many brides-to-be who choose red for their wedding colours will prefer a darker variation from the traditional red, such as claret, which is a hot favourite for 2024. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses look incredibly elegant with lots of greenery and white accents. Your winter wedding décor can be as simple as white tablecloths, pinecones, and fir branches scattered throughout. The best part about claret is it looks great in any fabric including velvet, chiffon, and satin. We especially love velvet bridesmaid dresses in a claret shade for winter weddings.

Neutral Shades

This colour combo works because it lets claret be the shining star. You can’t help but look at it when paired with the other tones. But don’t think those other colours aren’t needed because they are — they are the backdrop to the starlet and let her shine.

Peach & Greenery

Yes, claret and peach. This is a particularly good pairing simply because it is so unexpected. The peach serves as a pink and we all know how well red and pink work together. And greenery brings it all together to make this unlikely combo a match made in heaven.

Blush & Gold

You can have as much or as little of one or the other, and it always works like a treat. This colour palette is as classic as black-and-white, and it’s always a win no matter how you pair them up.

Red & Black

This colour combo is just so sophisticated without being stuffy. It also provides you with endless options and iterations, which is always a good thing — even if you pair lighter with darker shades of both.

Poppy Red, Blush & Brown

This colour palette just screams fun. It’s fresh, bright, and bursting with energy. This is the perfect palette for the bride who’s looking to create a fun and memorable wedding experience.

Deep Red & Sunflower

If you have an autumn or winter wedding planned, this colour combo was made for you. These shades pair together perfectly and instantly make you long for relaxed, cosy evenings.