This is the happiest day of your life so why not go a bit over the top? Whether it’s a marquee or an established venue, spruce up your reception with some personal touches to make the space your own.


The entrance is guests’ first glimpse into your choice of décor so why not pack a punch from the outset to set the tone for the day? An exquisite floral entrance such as this lets guests know it’s all about aesthetics for this pretty party.

Katie Julia Photography

Hanging Florals

Both looking and smelling beautiful, flowers can be incorporated into each and every aspect of wedding décor. Don’t think flower arrangements have to be limited to tables, instead consider hanging them from the ceiling, either in cute arrangements dotted above the tables or a statement floral chandelier in the centre of the room.

Inessa Nichols

Lounge Area

We love the idea of a quiet little haven for people to catch their breath, have a catch-up with friends and rest their weary feet between all of the dancing! Create an intimate little lounge area away from the main party where guests can kick back and have a drink. Brighten up any furniture with cute patterned cushions.

Nikki Santerre

Seating Chart

Incorporate your seating chart or escort cards into your décor by working it into something aesthetically pleasing. From vintage doors with each table inscribed on an individual window pane, to a geometric work of art such as that pictured, make it a focal point for guests to talk about. Place this somewhere bright and in the open so it’s easy for guests to read but so that it also fits seamlessly in with your look for the day.

Jessica Gold Photography

Monogrammed Bar

The most popular spot at any wedding, the bar is that one area which is always guaranteed to be busy so why not make it something to remember? As guests make a beeline for the bar after your welcome drinks, why not surprise them with a sweet monogram of yours and your partners initials?

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Draping Fabric

A simple but effective addition, draping fabric from the ceilings or along the walls can add warmth and depth to the room.White or cream colours will keep this elegant and add a formal air to the overall décor.

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Calligraphy Menu

There’s no debating that a hand-written menu in beautiful calligraphy script is more impressive than a printed-out card any day. With so many different styles of writing, you can choose the one which suits the style of your wedding best. From formal to fun, you can also include pretty drawings or designs along the edges to add that extra oomph.

Tess Follett


Once you have embarked upon the wedding planning journey you will come to realise that even the smallest of details can have the biggest impact. An optional element of décor, decorating your seats can transform the aesthetic for your wedding breakfast. From swaths of fabrics to leafy garlands, understated blooms to mini tassels, the options are limitless.

Holly Clark Photography

Family Photo Wall

Weddings are about love and family and celebrating happiness so some couples like to include photos from their parents and grandparents wedding days, either on the cake table or using the couples’ photographs as table names.Why not bring together all of the happy couples before you in a stylised wall in your venue. Perhaps include all those who are an inspiration to you as a married couple!

April Maura Photography

Cake Table

If you choose to have a wedding cake then don’t hide it away in some dark corner, use it as a focal point in the room placing it in a well-lit area for all to see. From creative cake stands to flowers or candles, dress up the table to incorporate it as part of your décor.

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