Unsurprisingly, micro-weddings have become a very popular trend in 2020. You may ask, what's the difference between a micro-wedding, a normal wedding with a small guest list or an elopement? The honest answer is, not much aside from some planning and the Instagram hashtag. A micro-wedding is usually classified as a wedding with no more than 20 guests that forego many of the normal wedding traditions expected in a wedding with 60-120 guests. So why have a micro wedding?


It's Really Cheap

It probably comes as no surprise but a micro-wedding is actually pretty cheap to plan; since the guest list is so small you don't have to deal with the usual costs of large event vendors, event insurance, accommodation and transport etc. You can really consolidate your budget and splash out on the luxuries for your small guest list; You really won't regret having  a micro-wedding when it comes to balancing the books!

It's Easier To Plan

Planning a micro-wedding would be less like organising a wedding more more like planning a really lavish party that also involves some legal stuff. It's substantially easier to make a reservation for 15 people at a restaurant than 200, so you'll have much broader options for your reception venue; also the reduced capacity will open you up to some beautiful ceremony venues that may not be traditional, but hold a lot of sentiment to you and your spouse.

You Don't Have To Stick To Tradition

One of the best elements of a micro-wedding is how personal you can make it. You're already forgoing the tradition of inviting half of the country to your big day so why not cast off a few others! From reception and ceremony venues, to dinner menus to dress-codes; downsizing your big day is a fantastic way to ignore some of the more old-fashioned traditions and create something fun, modern and uniquely personal to you!


You Can Hurt Some Feelings

You're going to have to be pretty cutthroat with your guest list if you want to throw a successful micro-wedding; it can be easy for some to pick their favourite 15-20 friends and family and go about their day, but if you're anything like me then you have a huge Irish family all expecting an invitation. Be prepared to break some hearts but also don't be afraid to stand your ground! It's your wedding, your money being spent and your memories being made so make sure it's the wedding you want.

You Still Have To Jump Through Hoops

Just because your wedding is non-traditional doesn't mean you won't still have to jump through several legal hoops to make sure you're following the proper steps to ensure you can actually get legally married. From the beginning dedicate some time researching the proper legal and religious process to make sure everything rune smoothly after the wedding!

Things Might Fall Through

Because of the cheaper nature of a small wedding, there is a chance that your event could be considered "less important" by venue vendors and potentially won't be given the full wedding experience that you're paying for. The best way to circumvent this issue is to be assertive and don't allow your wedding to be treated as less special, you're still spending your hard-earned money!


- Gráinne