The very first thing your wedding guests are going to see regarding your big day is the invitation, if you want to make a splash with your loved ones and introduce the happiest day of your life in style then put some thought into your wedding paper goods and design some invitations that will stand out among the rest!


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I am what you would call a bit of a graphic design nerd and when it comes to any form of printed document (Posters, invitations, business cards etc.) the first thing I consider is the typography. You may adore how the flowery, loopy font looks on your invitations but, chances are, it's crazy difficult to read! Break your text into three categories, headings, subheading and body text. For your headings and subheadings go nuts with the calligraphy! However, keep in mind that the body text is the most important information on your invitation, things like your venue, time and date, how to RSVP etc. You need a font that is easy to read but complementary to your heading font. Play around with what most appeals to you and get as much 3rd party advice as possible to make sure your guests will know how to attend your big day!

Colour Scheme

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This is where you get to have a little bit of creative fun! You'll undoubtedly have some form of colour scheme for your wedding day, from the bridesmaids dresses to the table runners there is going to be a certain colour palette that you feel can properly represent your big day. A general rule of thumb for graphic design, in general, is to start simple and work your way up; pick a neutral base colour (white, beige, cream, dusty rose. Pick something pale and muted) for your card colour, this is the foundation of your invitation colour scheme as every colour you pick from there on will have to fit a certain profile in regards to the tone, undertones and hue e.g. if you have a blue colour scheme and a white base colour then stick to cool-toned blues in muted hues to stop it looking childish and cartoony. Once you design a solid base then you can start adding in fun designs and accents to make your paper goods feel personal.

Multiple Cards

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A great way to take your invitations to the next level is to put different information on to different cards, have a card with venue directions, another with menu choices and another for RSVP. This doesn't seem like much but it can be the difference between an average invitation and something a lot more memorable. This is also a great way to reinforce your wedding theme across several pieces of paper, be it a gradient of colours or the different flowers of your wedding arrangements; take the opportunity to add a splash of personality, your guests will take notice!

Fun Additions

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Who said favours are just for the reception? If you're already paying for postage then why not throw in a fun addition or two that will make your invitations wildly memorable. Be it personalised tea bags, flower seeds, something sweet or pressed flowers, adding something a little extra will not only give your invitations a flair of personality, but it can also be something that your guests use to remind themselves of you and your spouse.

Inner And Outer Envelopes

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If you've spent all this time designing your invitation design, picking the perfect paper and adding in the little touches that make it perfect then why not put a little extra thought into how your invitations are going to be protected in the post. An easy fix to the problem of aesthetic vs An Post/Royal Mail restrictions in terms of address typography, wax seals or stamps is to put together your invitations will all the bells and whistles and then put that whole thing into an outer envelope that will act as a shield from any dirt, damp or dings that the invitations may face on their journey to their destination.

Be As Extra As Possible

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It's your wedding day and your budget; if you're willing to splash some serious cash on your invitations then there's really no limit to how extravagant your invitations can be. Get personalised stamps, wax seal your inner envelopes and deliver the whole thing in a beautiful personalised box. Fill the whole thing with roses if you really want to! At the end of the day it's up to you and your spouse to determine how lavish these wedding details are going to be and if you both really want to make an impact then it's totally up to you as to how you do it.


- GrĂ¡inne