If you’re one of those brides that has been dreaming of planning your wedding since you were five years old and can’t wait to get stuck in, you might not need our help on this one. However, if you’ve always been looking forward to getting married but have a knot in your stomach every time you think about all the work that goes into wedding planning, then read on. Yes, there’s a lot of work. The guest list, the budget, the dream dress, the perfect cake…the to-do list can seem endless when it comes to wedding planning. But even if you’re not a fan of getting yourself organised, we have some tips to make you fall in love with wedding planning. You only do it once after all.

Know Your Limits

Don’t decide to start buying loads of stationery to make lists and folders if that’s not how you normally work. You’re not going to suddenly be a list queen just because you’re getting married. Know what you’re strengths and weaknesses when it comes to how you work in your job and apply these to wedding planning.

Have a Task Party

There are some parts of wedding planning that aren’t exactly difficult but they’re time-consuming, mundane and downright boring. You won’t exactly be looking forward to licking 200 envelopes or filling 200 favour bags all by yourself, so make it a party. Invite your bridesmaids and anyone else you can rope into helping, set your playlist up and shake up some cocktails. Suddenly a dreaded night of stuffing invites turns into a party and afterwards, it’s all done.

Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice when it comes to wedding planning. One of the reasons brides don’t look forward to planning their wedding is the sheer volume of work to be done. It can be so overwhelming that it inspires nothing but dread. Make it easier on yourself by asking help, for whatever you might need it for. Remember those strengths and weaknesses we talked about? This is where you get your friends and family to help with the parts you’re not so good at.

Do What You Like, Delegate What You Don’t

Aside from your weak spots, there will definitely be things you simply don’t want to do. This is where you get to defer them to other people. After all, you’re the bride, so don’t feel bad about getting you bridesmaids to lick envelopes, craft favours or write addresses. They’re not allowed complain about having to do the non-fun stuff, they’re here to help.

Make It Your Own

The most important part of wedding planning is that you really are planning the wedding you want to have. Everything you have to do will be ten times less fun if you’re not planning your perfect day. Make sure everything you do for your wedding is exactly what you want. Make it personal and fun and you can’t go far wrong from there.

- Jenny Darmody