What is there not to love about a good, old-fashioned wedding? A lot actually, so if you are getting cold feet about the best day of your life, don't. Grab your lover and get ready to run, here are our top reasons to elope.

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1/ Cost

With the average Irish wedding now costing a whopping €22,000 there can be no denying that weddings are expensive. Even on a budget, things can spiral out of control very fast, resulting in you spending much, much more than you had originally anticipated. If you have something else to spend that money on; for example, a new home or baby, then the idea to elope might be just the answer. Not only will you save money, lots and lots of money, but if you elope, the day will transform from being all about others, to being just about you, your vows and your significant other. What could be more romantic?

2/ Your entire family are crazy

We all have one of those family members that we would prefer not to be related to; you know, they start fights and make everyone uncomfortable. Well, some of us have a whole family full of them! If a fistfight on the dance floor isn't the dream wedding you have always had in mind, then an elopement might be for you. No time for cray-cray at an elopement.

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3/ Planning makes you ill

Some people simply weren't born to plan a wedding. From the picking a date, to a venue to all the details there is so much involved, and no shortage of things not to like. Avoid all the stress and run away.

4/ Too many people to invite

Weddings come down to numbers, with the number of people you have to invite taking centre stage. If you have a guest list that outnumbers the extras in Gandhi, and there is no viable way to trim it down - offending your twice removed cousin isn't an option, then once again, an elopement might be for you. Saving money, and stress you can enjoy a smaller, more personal day where you can focus on your partner alone without worrying about offending anyone.


5/ Not enough people to invite

Not that we are suggesting you, or your betrothed, is a "Billy no mates", but that doesn't mean you can't have a sparse wedding list. Perhaps the attendance of one set of family and friends is hindered by distance? Perhaps you have both emigrated? Maybe, one of you has a particularly small family? Or immediate family members have passed away? There are many, many reasons the guest list may not be as plump as it otherwise would. If holding the traditional day will make one of you feel under pressure to offer up people for a guest list then an elopement may be a good option.

6/ Thrill factor if you elope

Nothing says adventure more than running off into the sunset with the one you love. Book a flight to somewhere you have always wanted to visit and come back as a married couple. The romance factor of this idea actually kills me. Not to mention, your faraway wedding can also double as your honeymoon.

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7/ Family objections

Very Romeo and Juliet, and a little last century, but there is a chance that one or other family might object to the union. It might be because of religion or ethnicity, or it might be for social reasons or past relationships, but love is love, so in our opinion, ignore the naysayers, and get hitched regardless.

8/ Time is of the essence

There may be a legitimate reason that you need to rush a wedding. From a partner that is going to be stationed abroad with work to health reasons, or you simply want to be married before having a baby. If this sums your situation up then planning a romantic elopement might be the thing to do. Taking the stress out of organising the big show in a limited space of time, you can focus on you as a couple and enjoy the time you have together.

- Danielle Farrell