Pastel is the perfect blend of the fun of rainbow and the matureness and romance of very light and bright tones. From warm to cool, there's no limit on the mood of your wedding when you include a pastel palette. Not to mention bespoke colours are much easier to create when it comes to a lighter palette. If you want a classic wedding with a pop of fun then why not play around with pastels!

Paula O'Hara Photography

Sarah & Ben

Sarah McKenzie Photography

Tade Creative

This Modern Romance

Adriana Klas Photography

Alison Conklin

Anna Delores Photography

Bear Deer Fox

Briawna Meier Photography

Brooklyn Caroline Photography

Cyd Weeks Photography

Elizabeth Fogarty

Facibeni Fotografia

Jesse Chamberlin Marble

Katie Pritchard Photography

Katie Pritchard Photography

Katie Pritchard Photography

KT Merry

Mary Costa Photography

Mary Costa Photography


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