If you’re one of those couples who have ‘that song’ from the moment you met, then that’s all kinds of romantic and beautiful. But like the majority of us, there’ll be far bigger conflicts to overcome such as different musical tastes and how you’ll face dancing in front of people with your two left feet. So we have some quick tips on how to choose the perfect first dance song.

Special Meaning

Choosing a song with a significance of some sort attached to it will make the whole process a lot easier to decide on. Why not choose the first song that was playing when you first met? Bearing in mind, Gangnam Style pumping in the background as your hazy, drunken eyes met with your future husband’s across a crowded dance floor on a Saturday night may be a tad inappropriate, but hey, if it means that much to you, by all means, practice the dance moves and get going. Not all first dance songs have to be slow. Similarly, if there is a single event, which stands out in your mind as a special memory for you as a couple choose a song from this time and incorporate it in your first dance. ie: concert, music festival or even what was playing when he proposed to you.


Probably one of the speediest and least stressful ways of planning a wedding is to choose a theme for the day. Whether it be retro, vintage, disco, modern or indie, the entire planning process becomes far easier to arrange and things begin to take form much faster. Once you have settled on this, choose your first dance song accordingly based on the theme. That way your vintage wedding theme can match an old-time classic jazz song.

Mutual Interest

If love and romance are at the forefront of your relationship, then choosing a lovey-dovey, soppy song is the perfect choice! Ultimately, your wedding day is all about the love so choosing a song to reflect this is not only the ultimate romantic gesture, but you’re guaranteed a tear or two from the wedding guests. Make sure you listen to the lyrics before you decide because a lot of powerful 'lovey-dovey' songs can have sadder lyrics that might not be the best choice for your first dance song. After all, James Blunt's You're Beautiful does end with "I can never be with you."

Get Your Band To Do It

Think logically when booking your wedding band. There’s no point getting a folk band to perform a rock song for your first dance when it’s just not their style, so keep this in mind when booking. If you’re struggling to decide on a song, why not request a list of the songs your band can play in their repertoire and choose your first dance from that. After all, if you're dead set on having your first dance performed by your band live, then be sure they can either play your perfect song, or you choose something that they're confident at playing.

Seek Inspiration

If you have no special song and nothing comes to you naturally, then it’s okay to seek inspiration elsewhere for that special first dance song. Look online for popular first dance songs, or keep the radio on in the background and make a note of any song that catches your ear, no matter how strange the song seems. After you have a decent list, listen back to the songs you have written down. Cross off any songs that are the wrong tempo for you and listen to what’s left. If the song, the tone or the lyrics speak to you, you can find your song that way.


- Michelle Storey