1. Penis paraphernalia

Who really wants to wear a penis hat, stir a cocktail with a phallic shaped stirrer or chomp down on a cake pop shaped like a you-know-what? Nobody, that's who. The fact is, if you want to throw a penis party, then it won't be difficult, but there are better themes out there.

2. Strippers

If Magic Mike shows up, you're in for a treat, but the chances are, that isn't going to happen. So for everyone's sake, take a rain check on the half-naked dancing man. Nothing more to say on this one, just don't do it.

3. Fancy dress

Nothing hurts the eyes more than a group of 30-year-old Disney princesses gallivanting about town with shot glasses around their necks. There is a time and a place for everything, and I am sorry to say that this one was definitely in your late teens, and at a push, your early 20s. A hen party should be a somewhat sophisticated affair, and unfortunately, fancy dress doesn't fit the description.

4. Weekend-long events

A weekend away with your besties might sound like the most amazing idea you have ever had, but please do remember that this option is an expensive one. There may be those in your party that simply won't be able to afford such extravagance; you want your party to be one people are dying to go to rather than something they complain about attending.

5. The all-female guest list

We are in the 21st Century; an all-female guest list is not a requirement for a hen party, so mix it up and invite your close male friends. Sure, you will be different, but different is a good thing.

6. Binge drinking

When it comes to drinking at your hen party, a little mindfulness won't go astray. Sure, have a few drinks and enjoy yourself, but please refrain from drinking so much that you don't remember what happened, or worse, you spend the entire night with your head down a toilet. The same goes for all the ladies and gents attending, don't ruin everyone's night by being the person everyone needs to look after.

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- Danielle Farrell