If you’re doing an engagement shoot but are stumped about what exactly to do for it, we have a few ideas that might spark some inspiration.


This style of shoot is probably one of our favourites because we love all things vintage. If you have the attire and rolling fields, which aren’t hard to come by in Ireland, then this should be fairly easy to do. Go back in time to the period of old-style ladies and gentlemen when romance was particularly strong. Vintage is timeless for a reason.


This is another favourite of ours. Instead of going too over the top with creative ideas and gimmicky props, think about what your engagement really means and how happy it makes you. Think about your relationship. Think about what you’ll think when you look back on these photos in 40 years’ time. Home shoots, or photos of you having coffee together in your favourite café is a timeless idea.


If you want to use your engagement photograph to have a proper fun day out, then it’s worth experimenting with some of these ideas. How about going back to your childhood and having a water balloon fight? Or better still, have a paint fight. This makes for some stunning photography and the smiles and laughter you have will be 100% natural. A great way to have a bit of fun with your photos and to create natural looking smile


Be careful with this one. Don’t go for a radical theme that you may live to regret. You don’t necessarily want to admit to your children you had a Twilight-themed engagement shoot. However, there are better options. The Notebook is one of the romantic films and will result in some stunning photography. If you’re engagement falls on Valentine’s Day or near Christmas, there’s nothing wrong with a holiday-themed shoot.


If you really want to push the boundaries on both the theme and the fun factor, consider going underwater. Underwater photography can be beautiful, and a lot of fun to do with your partner. Even if you’re just in a swimming pool, the photos look impressive.

Image Credits: Vintage picnic: Equinox Photo | Woods: Live View Studios | Vintage meadow: Brandon Kidd Photography | Cafe: Emily Blake Photography | Bedroom: Merari Photography | Couch: The Campbells

Chalk fight: Jordan Brannock Photography | Paint shoot: Two Bright Lights | Water balloons: Shutter Life Productions | Notebook boat scene: Anything Shot | Notebook kiss: Blushing Bride Studio | Christmas engagement shoot: Melissa McCrotty | Valentine's Engagement shoot: Sky Stone Photography

Underwater: Ashley Petersen Photography | Underwater love: KLK Photography